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  1. Sure, my point was that whichever way you choose, there is just no way to make an open world game in two weeks and a slice of an open world is no open world. And since I was searching for things to look forward to in the prototype, not in some full game that might or might not get made one day, I couldn't see this aspect to be especially enticing.
  2. So you're using your own memories to help you remember more things in other parts of your consciousness? Yes, that does sound interesting.
  3. Yes they are. But there are so many awesome games that will never be made that it's hard not to feel blue.
  4. Well, in case you are implying I didn't correctly guess the winning games, I previously posted about my choices here, on another topic: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/13095/#328695. As I mentioned on that topic, I was down to 4 options, and since Jet Girl & Ghost Dog was not one of the finalists, guess what the other 3 were? ;-) No, I didn't want to imply you were lying about your choice but I was kinda expecting people to come to this thread after the vote and say "Hey, I knew it all along!" Which is great of course but still doesn't change the fact that nobody threw their hat in the ring beforehand and predicted the right three games.
  5. Now, please be honest...You started the thread in order to be convinced those games have potential, or you want to vent out continuing an already lost debate? I am honest when I say that I was really bummed out after the result of the voting was announced and I am trying to feel better about it. Can't change the fact that I never felt particularly excited about two thirds of the games that got picked. I don't think you can expect me to feel totally different about that and go all "ah, now I see it" just because someone tells me "hey, it's open world and you are the horse, not the guy" Here's the games I short-listed in no particular order BTW: What Could Go Wrong Eras of Adventure Humans: A Study Guide Dear Leader Last Missile Commander The White Witch's Gnome War ExtraTerrarium Ether Project 行 Breach
  6. No, I haven't. I found them a bit slow going to be honest. Probably also because I'm also not that psyched about Massive Chalice either. I found the idea kinda sorta neat and I'd like to try the game when it comes out but I'm not as excited for it as I was for other Kickstarters, including Broken Age. Indeed
  7. It's a prototype of an open world game in two weeks. A sliver. Sure, but it should be a viable game in itself, shouldn't it? You can't just fill the world with placeholder "Here be interesting content" signs. I'll be more than happy to be convinced otherwise You mentioning Yoshi's Island made me somewhat hopeful, even though I can't yet picture a horse moving in such an agile and dynamic way without it looking completely weird. Oh and please don't get this the wrong way. I admit I was really looking forward to the blonde chick spreading her guts over the floor and the dumb boyfriend turning into a fountain of blood when I'd send them into the wrong room but maybe a nice picture book friendship between a poor stable boy and an overachieving horse can be as exciting, just in a different way. ..... aw man, no matter how hard I try, it always comes out in a negative way. Maybe I should go to bed and read through all your nice attempts to cheer me up again tomorrow.
  8. I had another look at the design PDF you linked to and I have to say what is rather neat is the possibility to pick up different kinds of heroes (knights, archers, wizards, stable boy) for different special attacks. I think Bastion showed well how varying attacks can make an otherwise mechanically simple game very tactically rich. That makes my vision of running around on an endless prairie, hoof-kicking at enemies and throwing knights at them look somewhat less bleak
  9. To be honest, I think two major contributing factors were "Anna" and "Soviet propaganda art style". Personally, I think I voted for Dear Leader because it reminded me of the Junta board game which I adore (I also suck at it). And I generally dig such political/intrigue themes. But as to why it was that hyped I think I'll refer back to my first sentence.
  10. Well, I have to agree on that. The art style in the pitch was pretty neat.
  11. Well, LPBB was actually my favorite from the Pen pitches (also because I'm really done with zombies). If done well, it will allow a lot of exploration. I'm a bit worried that they can't acquire some kind of pre-existing chatterbot which would mean that the pink best buds would probably be very boring. But if they aren't and you really have to tease out information with natural language and maintain a relationship that way, that would be awesome.
  12. Open world RPG in two weeks ... I'll have to see that And the twist is that you're the horse. Huh. So it's like the boring Zelda riding sequences only that you can't finally get off Epona and move normally. Sorry if I sound too negative here but that's where I'm coming from ...
  13. I'm kind of down after this result since two games won that I personally wouldn't even have voted into the top 10. Anyway, since these games are going to get made whether I like it or not, I'm looking for someone who can hype me up for them. Why did you vote for Steed besides "yay, horses"? Why did you vote for Mnemonic besides "yay, noir"? Can anyone get me excited for these games cause I really want to be.
  14. And that was correctly predicted byyyyyyy ... nobody. I actually voted for those 3, and for Little Pink Best Buds, so I selected all 4 winners. Now if I could just guess the lottery numbers, I'd be a happy man. :cheese: And don't forget that you have to predict the lottery numbers before they draw them
  15. I'll be a sore loser and say that so many of us were wrong because WCGW and Ages of Adventure competed for votes and with a better voting system, one of them would have won.
  16. I'd really like to know if it was a problem for WCGW and Eras of Adventure that they were kind of competing for the same group of voters, namely adventure game fans. I guess we'll never know but the voting system this time really wasn't ideal if it even allows the possibility that two "similar" games cause both to lose even though each individually might have gathered enough votes to win. I know Double Fine is based in the US but that is no excuse to implement a screwed up voting system.
  17. And that was correctly predicted byyyyyyy ... nobody.
  18. We'll know shortly. People seem to be certain about very different games. The only more or less constant guess is Dear Leader. Would be hilarious if that didn't make it. I mean no, it would be a tragedy since I really, really want it to win myself but well you know, just from a "haha, you were all wrong" point of view.
  19. No, the major flaw of tactical voting is that people no longer express their true preference but a skewed one based on their expectations of how others will probably vote. That's just messed up. Of course it's "more nuanced", so is democracy plus corruption compared to just democracy. It's messed up, however. A perfect voting system would punish everyone who didn't express their true preference, not just those people who didn't express their true preference and misjudged the other voters. But we are digressing. Go preferential voting!
  20. But then, the perfect voting method provably does not exist. Not quite. That theorem only proves certain types of voting method necessarily have built in unfairness. To go further you'd have to look at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gibbard–Satterthwaite_theorem which generalises the point somewhat, but still only applies to systems set up a certain way. (similarly https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duggan–Schwartz_theorem ) But yes. Making voting systems fair is inherently hard, at least sometimes impossible. Making them MORE fair is a more resonable goal Interesting variants on the "better give up now" rule of designing fair voting systems but let me turn the question around: how do you have to set up a voting system so that none of these three killjoys apply?
  21. I'm all for some kind of preferential or rank voting system but it should be said that these effectively allow negative votes which means that strategic voting is very much encouraged if people have certain expectations as to what the candidates are likely to be in the top few. So if that's what you mean by "gaming the votes", then I have to disagree. But then, the perfect voting method provably does not exist.
  22. What are you talking about? I absolutely count on machetes and human-skin face masks in WCWG
  23. I dunno, I really don't care what other games win as long as WCGW, Dear Leader and Eras of Adventure are amongst the top 3 Seriously though, I don't quite get why so many people love Steed. To me it's in the "kinda nice" category. It's a nice twist to be the horse and not the rider but are there really so many people who enjoy the horse riding part in games? I usually find those parts annoying as hell.
  24. That's the top 3 by views. The top 3 by posts are: Derelict Dear Leader What Could Go Wrong So Derelict instead of Steed. But both metrics could be susceptible to how unclear the pitch was or generally how much there is to discuss about this game. All this is reading tea leaves really but a better indicator might be how often people click on a thread when there's a new post. That could be approximated by looking at the views per post. The top 3 then are: Steed ExtraTerrarium What Could Go Wrong Steed reappears, Dear Leader and Derelict both are out but surprise appearance ExtraTerrarium shows up. Well, we'll see.
  25. Sounds interesting but why would you limit the Tim's choice to the 10 finalists? Also, just for the record, I'm not as cool with the guest project leader thing. At least this time, it took up a precious spot that another game might have taken and with the huge number of games that I'd really like to see made, this is a damn shame.
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