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  1. Good idea, last year was cool. Weather should be better than last time. Just don't schedule in conflict with anything to do with Star Citizen, like the Saturday night event at 9!
  2. I only have photos of my signed PAX Pass and Posters. Didn't take any while I was there!
  3. The one with the grumpy faces? Wasn't that on Ron's camera? Great meet up, but my feet were soaking for the rest of PAX. Loved the crochet voodoo doll and the code wheels. Good to meet everyone!
  4. #&@!&** I just found out about this and the page is saying it's sold out!!!
  5. Am I the only one that thinks these posts are trolls? PROFITS. 5% of the PROFITS the game makes after release. Not a single penny of the funding money. Why would I be trolling? I didn't realise it was profits, but I still don't see the point. I'm entitled to an opinion. If people want to fund a project, do it. No need for you to be an ass cause I disagree with you. Just seems like yet another trendy cause, and I dislike the way everyone seems to be pressuring all these projects to join up.
  6. Am I the only one that thinks "Kicking It Forward" is a BAD idea? If I want to support a project, I want to be the one to pick it. I don't want my contribution to a project to be passed onto another project that I haven't nominated. Seems like a thoroughly stupid idea to me.
  7. I believe what he said was "He's probably too busy working on Brave but I'll ask him." They could probably get Steve to come in and brainstorm with them for a few days, and I'd love to see that, but he's not going to be a full time team member. Yeah I think that was along the lines of what Tim said. I think I remember where I read it now: wasn't it the reddit AMA?
  8. Wing Commander game. Set it during the Kilrathi war though, cause I couldn't care less about the Nephelim or whatever they were called.
  9. It's already been mentioned by Tim (forget where) that this won't happen due to Steve working on Brave at Pixar.
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