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  1. This episode was quite an emotional rollercoaster. I'm sad that DF is taking such a hard hit from trolls, but it's just the internet. Anyways, you guys are all amazing, keep it up!
  2. I'm really looking forward to play the next act soon! Also, any of you know when they might release the next documentary episode?
  3. I wanted to dig up Tim's work email and send this to him, but I also felt the rest of the team should get this, so here it goes. I have just played through the entirety of the remaster, and listened to every commentary track (hopefully) available (it only took me the entire day and I only missed all of my schedules for today, may god have mercy on my soul). The game was not without its bugs, but they were few, and they were small - at least for me. Nothing seriously game breaking, and nothing that wont be fixed with a couple of patches across the systems. Apart from all the neat graphical tweaks that has been put in place, it even had friggin' mouse support, which I remember, I was VERY sore about the first time I played this game back in 1998 - though quickly adapted to the clearly superior tank controls within the first hour. I've had maybe 6-7 too many beers throughout the last half of the playthrough, and I'm a bit emotional now. What my post really should have been cooked down to, goes like this. The love that has been put into this game is not unfelt. There's so much gratitude I want to share with you at DF, the original team behind Grim Fandango, and very importantly also Tim - But I would never be able to convey it with my limited vocabulary and currently lacking braincells. For all the years I have been privileged to play this game, but also for all the future years of future generations that are now able to play it as well with increased support. Thank you!
  4. Hahaha, no way! He's an amazing character.
  5. In the end, I'm just happy more people are getting to play this gem. Screw my expectations!!
  6. Hmm, might be it. I never got around to finding the video. I just thought it would be a MUST in a "remake" to re-render the backgrounds. I'm certain they would have had the opportunity, since Disney has shown a lot of goodwill lately. Honestly, I'm not really impressed with the screenshots from GOG. It seems like a lot of wasted potential Especially with the buggy shadows and unchanged models. (I know, I love the old models too, but at least try to re-create them to modern standards, while still fitting in with the atmosphere of the game. You could do the same thing as the Monkey Island remakes where it switches from new to old with a button). Sigh. I'm gonna have to sleep on this. I love DF, but it feels like they didn't pick a good team for this job.
  7. Hold on to that, I'm gonna see if I can find that episode where they talk about it. I'm ALMOST sure they mentioned getting the old renders from the archives.
  8. I'm sorry, but I thought DF would be re-rendering the original background renders so that they would fit with nowadays resolutions?? I even think they talked about this in an interview. What happened? Any comments from the devs? Edit: I'm not talking about aspects, but just higher resolutions. The screenshots indeed looks a little blurry, like OP said.
  9. Man, your episodes are really saving my days here. Thanks DF. Although there was a hint of sadness in this episode, I can't help but cheering for a studio as awesome as yours.
  10. Guys, I got a response from DF concerning all the DRM debacle: They said the same thing to me when I said it's the 14th already. *sadface*
  11. DRM or not, the game is worth it anyways. Besides, there is an offline function for Steam.
  12. Yeah well, this is a big kick in the face for us Europeans, but I guess there is always a tomorrow.
  13. Since DF is really good with merchandising, I would highly assume that they put out the soundtrack on the shop! Oh! And nother question: What happens with the boxed copies we backed for? Are they coming out when both parts are out?
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