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  1. I was mostly interested in games I haven't seen a hundred times before, so I voted for: - Spacebase DF-9 because I love space and I always wanted to try Dwarf Fortress but never managed to get into it. - The Knockover because I love heist games and there hasn't really been a proper one for, I don't know, like twenty years. (Although I'd prefer something more in the vein of neo's The Clou.) - Bragging & Fighting because every video game in which you can tell a lot of lies is a good video game. - Echelon because it's "a cross between classic text adventure and radio play where you record top secret surveillance recordings." How could I not vote for it? I guess what bothered me a bit was that the, uh, quality of the pitches varied a lot. Some really came to life thanks to a good speaker and a lot of concept stuff, while others felt like they were put together very quickly and thus never stood a real chance. Also I didn't vote for any games that seemed to predominantly rely on their art design.
  2. Amazon Payments worked just fine with my Visa debit card... That's a different kind of Debit card, EC doesn't work with Amazon Payments.
  3. Agreed, LSL wasn't that great a game to begin with and I think it might feel very dated today, especially its humor. As for Jane Jensen, her pitch in general was just confusing and not well thought out.
  4. Awful game. Worse story than a C-Movie, horrible characters and it didn't even look that good. I liked some of the previous Pendulo games (A Twist of Fate, mostly) but this has to be their worst effort yet. Didn't really care that it was short -- if it had been longer, I would probably have stopped playing anyway.
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