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  1. Hi, I have a savegame that goes with this issue, I will e-mail it under the same name as this topic. From the point of the save game let Shay crawl into the hole where the inflatable doll came from. He will be put back to bed. Get Shay out of bed without walking and use the air tank on the doll. The doll will inflate, although Shay is visibly at another location. After the scene the camera goes back to the bed, while Shay is still at the other location, outside the camera view. I've done the same thing without letting Shay crawl into the hole first, but pointing him to the bed. The camera will then go to the right location.
  2. I didn't mean to add this post. That was just... ah well, just stop reading
  3. Just the little fact of how hard it is to estimate a projects timeline, is so reassuring to me. I used to think I was failing as a developer, when I saw myself not completing my work before the deadline. And not just by a few hours, often by several weeks. Experience has told me occasionally a different story, and the documentary you are making helps a LOT! Thank you. Now I don't have to work so hard anymore, I just show your documentary.
  4. It's good to hear and see the game is taking shape so nicely. It seems everyone is happy with the current development, which is kind of a relief after the previous episode. Tim, good for you to lose some weight, the lack of beard takes some getting used to though...
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