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  1. I voted for the ones that I would want to play, either because they were a genre that I love and/or they presented an idea, a twist that sounded interesting: Milgrim, Knockover, Spacebase, Echelon and Hack n Slash. I think most of the ones I didn't vote for suffered from bad pitch, i.e. they couldn't get the idea of the gameplay across in 30 seconds or couldn't make it sound interesting or significantly different from other games in the same genre.
  2. Not a particularly sexy subject but I am just curious as to how much money that was donated is "lost" and cannot be used to make the game. I just read that Kickstarter takes 5% of a successfully funded project. So that money is gone. Is there anything else? For example, do the donations have to be declared as income, so taxes have to be paid on them? I am not going anywhere with this. I am just curious. Cheers.
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