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  1. Voted for: #1: Autonomous Liked concept art, the concept PDF looked professional, gameplay idea sounds solid and varied. #2: Spacebase DS-9 Same reason I supported Maia Kickstarter - too few of this type of games being made these days, and I love the genre. Nice concept art. #3: The White Birch Liked the concept art, the music, the ideas, and to be honest, Andy Wood, though I know that shouldn't affect me. Generally only playing on a PC haven't tried the games being namedropped, but have heard they are so excellent and want to play something with that atmosphere. #4: Black Lake Again loved the concept art so much, the artist from Psychonauts, yay! I was a on the fence for a long time since the pitch didn't really say how it would play, but the art and the gameworld sounds like it is a spiritual sequel to Psychonauts, so it got my vote in the end. Also voted for (in no order): The Knockover I really love card- and boardgames. Clean concept art. Too few heist games being made, such a rich source material to borrow from. Again a little bit on the fence, I can see the pre-heist recruiting and planning working, but how would the heist rounds themselves play out, would there be enough strategic variation? Echelon Big plus for an innovative genre idea! Plot sounds intriguing, opportunity for paranoia games with the player. Primordial Slime Mockup looked fun, like how colourful it was. I want more good games for my Android phone, especially puzzle games, not the deluge of ripoffs and "free" pay2win grind clogging up Google Play. Shine Run Great game idea, beard upgrades sounded like it was the game most likely to have that wild DF creativity and humor. Sad it got so few votes. Those I didn't vote for that I had specific reasons other than just "meh - didn't connect with them". Zumbi Chained Loved the game world and concept art, but to focus on multiplayer made me not vote for it, even if co-op is the only multiplayer I like. Me and my friends are grown ups now with careers and families, so we struggle to find time to play together just once a month. Playing with random internet strangers doesn't appeal to me. Battle Bros I don't even live in the US, but from I've seen in films and online, I only get strongly negative connotations from everything "bro" and "frat" (elitist, misogynistic, dumb, etc), so a whole game around it doesn't sound appealing at all, even if only done for comic effect. Silent But Deadly I like stealth games, but too juvenile. Fun as a prototype maybe, but not if it takes the place of one of my #4 votes that all look like they could become really awesome to play just as prototypes, and real commercial successes if ever made into full games.