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  1. Thank you so much! I'll probably play around with taking it out and putting it back in this evening just so I get used to it.
  2. I feel like I'm being stupid. Mine arrived this afternoon, open it up and find disc two is loose and free but nothing seems to be broken. I just can't work out how to put it into whatever mechanism the case is. It sort of feels like I need to push it past one of the side clips, but it's requiring such force that I daren't try any further.
  3. I finally slackerbacked this weekend, and I was wondering if anyone had any idea how I'd receive my link to get the HD video downloads and backer forums and the like. Do I have to try and link it to my humble account in some way?
  4. In regards to the budget, I'm curious how much of the money was lost to physical perks and hiring 2 Player (I don't remember seeing this outlined necessarily anywhere) since it's one thing to say they raised $3.3 million, but how much was actually usable on the game? I continue to suspect that Shay's section is the way it is for thematic reasons as much as anything, though through the documentary at least it sure seemed like a lot of time was spent working on Meriloft.
  5. This was pretty much the only puzzle that forced me to switch character. Must've gone into that room a half dozen times and felt like an idiot for not trying to click it before.
  6. In thinking on it more, I'm having some trouble with the creatures in Shay's story being the maidens. In the last instance of creature grabbing (with the help of Gary), he picks up 3 creatures and 1 "escapes". Did I miss a maiden in Shellmound? Or am I failing my basic counting skills?
  7. I guess I more mean "when I could have made that choice", but in hindsight I assume I click to the left when I get to his mailbox. This alone really makes me wish I a) saved myself more frequently and b) there was some way to go back a scene.
  8. Reading this, and other threads, I feel like I am pretty slow, since I didn't see most of this until reading it, and then it all makes sense. It also makes me wish there was some way to chapter select or something, because I didn't encounter any snake, and I'm stuck in the cutscene of Vella waking up on the beach.
  9. There's a snake to get by? I know Curtis says the snake is either to the East or the West, but I didn't see any time when that was an issue.
  10. I'll be honest, until I saw a post in here saying as much, I had made no connection that the creatures Shay was capturing was the girls. That is both an awesome and upsetting feeling to be feeling. I only started to suspect something was up with the Dead Eye god, and remained convinced that he is Shay. Now I just want to replay it and see all the things that match up. And also tell other people how I'm feeling, but can't for risk of spoilers.
  11. Decided I would play each up until the point Double Fine said would be entering spoiler territory, then would focus on one or the other for an hour or so until I got stuck on one or two puzzles for each of them.
  12. I'm in a similar boat, everything would clearly be marked as beta, and so I'd either have to just acknowledge bugs in video, or cut them out. It might turn out that it's totally unsuited to being played in video form and I just sit back and enjoy the game by myself.
  13. I'll probably end up recording just in case, and just having it in the hopper until I can work it out better. Fortunately I don't have some massively rabid audience demanding things of me.
  14. Hi, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place, I quickly scanned through and didn't see anything relevant. What I was hoping for was for people's interpretation of the latest Kickstarter message. In it it states that the press will be under an embargo for another 2 weeks, but it also says that Let's Plays (to a certain point) are okay. Does this mean that LP's are fine so long as they don't take the form of a review, and stop at the right point until the public release? I'm as yet undecided as to whether I want to LP this, but want to make sure I do it right if I do decide to. Folks' opinions would be appreciated.
  15. Perhaps a question that's been dealt with elsewhere, but I've been really bad at keeping track of these forums. Do we have any idea what sort of time to expect it to release on Tuesday? I'd obviously like to start playing as soon as possible, but worry that being in the UK it'll come out at like 10pm which means I can't play until 6pm on Wednesday at the earliest...
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