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  1. Ah, sadly I was skint when the kickstarter was up, so no Moomin's of Moomin Valley, or god knows whatever else I could think up. Bytherway, how much do you guys like blowing things up? As most of the time the Ness bloodline seem to be alchemists, lol.
  2. That event is so harsh, ironic that the most worrying thing is the very thing you spend half the game trying to make more of... I personally managed to get to the end... Then got my arse handed to me. My confidence was through the roof the year before the end, because I wooped a whole load of tough enemies without breaking a sweat, got my first lvl 10 character, which probably gives away my main problem, not enough high level characters... And after the first turn a lapse swiftly dropped him back to lvl 9, lol. The next playthrough has gotten off to an interesting start, no hunters until year 80, which then turned out to get a free relic (random event relic) and then ended up with heart disease! So I took the risk and threw him into regency as soon as the building was complete, he had 1 kid (with nice stats) but the keep got ganked. Lost my main blasterjack, he went full suicide half way accross the map and managed to keep both Regent and partner alive... He died bravely. But now I only have the 1 archer and people are thinning out a bit... Wish me luck, I'll need it.
  3. A big round of applause for house "Ness" who I've included in every brutal attempt so far... That snail, just so good. Sadly it's now year 230-ish and their keep was let go, because it was empty at the time and I had to choose between them or house Anystock, who had a whole load of promising young cabberjacks. They still have two excellent oldies on the vanguard, 1 a hunter, the other an enforcer... Both irreplaceable. I'd also like to say a thankyou to Amber of Ironrose, who lived a solid 200 years before having an illegitimate child and running away from the crucible... Lol. Aaaand I'm hoping house Seger will do well in the late-game with their sturdy looking brewtaliser family, who have 2 houses and will be relied upon heavily for the remainder of this playthrough.
  4. My proudest moment so far, was when an area with 2 corruption got attacked. Almost all my heroes were in "breed mode" and that place had most of the young hopefuls for the future of the realm... Unfortunately I'd let things slip a bit and there was only 1 guy left available for the vanguard. I should point out, I'm only doing brutal ironmode runs (I like having my spirit crushed, lol.) This one hunter (without horrible looking blue armour, easy-cloak) took on a butt-load of ruptures and twitchers, taking a few punches to the face (got lucky surviving with 8 hp and a glancing blow, whew) to save the realm from almost certain failure! Unfortunately about 50 years on his legacy was forgotten and everyone got ganked, but it was a lovely moment! [Disclaimer] I have no problem with the easy-cloak, except that its design looks horrible compared to the other lovely looking armour in the game... I actually had it at the time, just forgot to equip it... Derp.
  5. I'd definitely like to see a longer campaign, with more battles per generation and less exp to compensate for how fast your characters will level... Or maybe just up the levels and add in a few more skills, which would be a lot more time consuming and harder to balance. One thing I liked about BrĂ¼tal Legend, that could be done in Massive Chalice, is when loading the game and the Double Fine logo pops up... Have someone shouting "DOUBLE FIIIINE!" because it just doesn't have the same effect when I do it myself >____>
  6. I've failed several times. After deciding normal was a little too easy for my liking, I tried a few brutal and hard modes, which helped me learn just how horrible those advanced enemies can be if you're under-leveled (did not realise regent/partner levels affected childrens levels, lol, thought it was all crucilble, you can guess how that went, lol.) Now I've had a few decent runs through brutal (loving the challenge) and totally getting ganked unexpectedly about 100 - 200 years in. Those battles where you start surrounded by enemies can be a real butt hole, but I really enjoy the challenge of making a comeback on brutal, when all your best guys get killed and you're trying to hold it together and recover the overall war effort... This usually ends badly, but in my most recent save, I've been down to 0 deploy-able characters. Had a little bad luck, where all the guys I was going to make regents got killed, at the end of a battle I had 1 of my best characters left on 1 hp... I got the bullwark, rupture and wrinkler close enough to stun blast them against each other with a flask... Then just in that last second, forgot I was using nockback flasks... Blew one of the enemies into myself... Epic fail! But I still won the battle, so the map was still looking okay... Since then I went through some tough times, had to skip a battle, while getting hero research and a bunch of usable heroes, which have now blossomed into another great team! One that I don't plan to get killed in stupid ways this time!
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