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  1. I like the idea of a bottom condition, but I also really want the game to have a dwarf fortress like "ending" where you could just leave the base floating. Maybe the raiders could steal stuff, leave after a while and there is a small chance the raiders are crazy and they burn everything down. You could even do a "send another party" function, where you could try to reclaim the base after the bandits are gone.
  2. Loved the game sooo much! DF should make an IP with Pen. The Style is so damn amazing. I laugh every time the loud pink bud starts to yell at me. And after (SPOILER)getting stabbed my heart skipped a beat. I was so twitchy, turning around and moving all the time. It really felt like a horrible nightmare and I still had to laugh at yelly guy while sweating my ass off. Damn fine work for two weeks, looks amazing, very, VERY creative and special! Sure it's rough to being almost annoying sometimes but I loved it! I really hope DF considers working with Pen. I'm going to buy and watch all of adventure time now.
  3. +1 having a really hard time making choices. So that's what being in Tim's position feels like?
  4. Mine too, played it so often... I sure hope it doesn't stay at prototype stage
  5. - good game - finished product - on time choose two! (every project i've ever worked on or seen in my entire life)
  6. I decided to take it seriously and actually like it ^^ And it fits! The main characters are not satisfied with anything their current situation has to offer.
  7. Yeah that's exactly the same experience we made too. But in my opinion it is very important to set fixed time slots for process / general business discussions. Because if everything is going okay (not perfect, but well - good enough), then people mostly won't think it's necesseray to "waste time" on thinking about / discussing process issues. And before you know it you've worked one or more years with a very far from perfect process.
  8. That's so cool to hear! We're going with a modified version of scrum as well (I have a small IT company since last year). I love to combine scrum and kanban. I think none of the two are really suitable for real world scenarios, but if you modifiy them (like you and we do, add new tasks during a sprint if they are important) then they work really really well and you take off a lot of unnecessery pressure
  9. Good to know! I've seen that graphical glitch before but I've never realised it's MSAA. Thanks
  10. I would recommend trying the following things: - disabling / reducing hardware accelaration in you ATI control panel - try right-clicking the .exe (or.bat), select properties and switch to the tab compatibility. Test out Win 7 and / or Vista. if that doesn't help my next step would be to deinstall and re-install your graphics drivers, but not the newest! Had similar issues about three times now with games. They would not run properly with the newest driver. Let me know if any of these steps help.
  11. Dear Double Fine Team, after I finished playing every prototype for more than an hour I just wanted to say thank you so much! Thank you for letting us in on the process. As a programmer myself it's so interesting to see how you guys work and I remember many similar discussions with a colleague of mine as we wrote our first game prototypes in our spare time as well. I just wish I had your frameworks to work with and won't have to spend so much time writing our own. I think I should send in an application if I ever decide to move to the us, but for now Oliver Franzke has beat me to the punch with his traditional point and click application. It's really amazing what you guys did in two weeks. Each game either looks or plays fantastic. Everyone got their point across and I can't honestly pick any of the projects out to say: that won't be a great game. They all have the potential to become amazing games and I really, really hope that most or even all of them get made into full-prized games (or even the alpha-minecraft style type). Again: Amazing work and thanks so much for letting us be a part of the experience! Greetings from Germany Benny
  12. That actually exists! There are four different personality types, and characters are each assigned one. You can see a difference in their general posting style that corresponds to those. Of course, the real problem is simply that in two weeks there wasn't enough time to write the sheer volume of unique lines to avoid obvious repetition. The vast majority of our time was spent developing the game itself, and the writing had to be crammed in around the edges. yeah i realized that and was astonished you guys had even time for that
  13. Oh yes please! I'm having fun playing it but I run into this problem way to often. It always seems to be a chain reaction: One doctor gets killed, the other one has morale 0 and then the people who are sick won't get treated etc.
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