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  1. I didn't mind, personally. I was having too much fun getting the fan in your apartment as a love interest. I thought that was clever of them. And if you speak into it while it's switched on it makes your voice sound funny. :B
  2. Recently? Just Mass Effect 3. Haven't had the time for too much gaming.
  3. But the cat keeps appearing dead once I take it out of my inventory. But I'll just try to figure it out.
  4. Darn you guys play the game fast. I'm still stuck trying to figure out how to woo the scarecrow to let Antimony into his apartment..
  5. Getting into the industry is easy and hard as heck at the same time. I, personally, would love to be part of it. I even got one serious job offer once, but sadly I had recently acquired a different job as a programmer so I had to turn it down. But really, all it takes is going indie. Which is rather painful and so ridiculous amounts of work with no income until possibly the end. Might take that path myself and work on the side along with my job.. once I have finished my studies. I am currently a programmer on a huge fan game project buuut I hardly have time to work on it so I just make some client side scripting. Thus don't really count myself to be in the industry yet. Future looks bright though, a lot of indie game dev companies around here. :B
  6. Whatever the setting is, I hope it's a musical. That'd be amazing. 8D
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