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  1. Camera also jumps away if you try to use any item from inventory to Marek when Marek and Shay are both next to the boom arm controls. This might be related to your findings so I'm posting it here.
  2. In the scene where Marek tells you another distress signal has arrived, I don't go straight to him down the hatch. Instead I go to the "toy mission control room". There you can select dialogue "Computer, we need to get to Prima Doom, immediately!". Shay shouldn't know about Prima Doom before Marek has told him about it.
  3. Windows 8.1 i5 3570K Geforce 660Ti (Also tested on Mac with same results) This happens in Marek's room "saving 3 creatures with boom" sequence. First creature you cannot choose. Then you have two possibilities. If you save the upper left one, cutscene plays and screen goes black but cursor is operational and Marek's voice tells me to choose which creature to save. Cannot click anything. If you chose the creature on the right game continues after cutscene.
  4. A vacuum cleaner in the basement! Every game should have one.
  5. Here's my contribution: a fused glass work from DotT intro. It was hard to take a good picture because glass gives some nasty reflections.
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