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  1. My suggestion was 'Super Freaks' - works on a few levels... David Bowie reference, which is always great, which also links in Scary Monsters - which is relevant. Then, both characters are outliers/freaks, and I'm assuming the objective is to succeed, so I guess they're super too? All that said, 'The Divide' is pretty good
  2. Cwiiis

    Thank you, Ron!

    The one I went to was in London (UK) - I understand there was one in Berlin too? I heard about it off of Ron's twitter, I'm not sure if there was extra promotion beyond that. I've not seen any, but I don't read that many gaming sites.
  3. Cwiiis

    Thank you, Ron!

    Like some others (I presume/hope), I attended one of the community events that Ron/Sega hosted - Not only was it awesome to try out The Cave and meet one of my game developer idols, but I got to find out that he's also a super-nice guy! Double-whammy! So this is a thank you to Ron, The Cave team and Sega for doing such a great job Looking forward to release!
  4. Cwiiis

    Ouya Version??

    Just another +1, you aren't alone - would love to see this and many other games on the Ouya
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