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  1. The vimeo link to costume quest 2 is not working for me.
  2. After thinking about this a bit, I realized that its not just for the difficulty of taking a top three that I'd like to be able to vote for any number. For those people doing the pitching, I know that I would find it a bit of a bummer if very few people voted for my pitch, whereas if the voters could vote for any number of pitches then I suspect more pitches would be legitimized and the experience would be more positive for even those developers who don't get into the top three.
  3. In 2012 I was pleasantly surprised that I could vote for any number of pitches. My disappointment that I have only three votes for 2014 was disproportionately greater. Next time you do this publicly, please let people choose how many they vote for.
  4. I would like to have visibility as to what is being done in terms of bug fixing, especially within the context of the issues I most care about. Any chance we can have a view onto your issue tracker (or a webcam focused on your bug fixing scrum board)? Cheers, -Kalev
  5. I'm playing on a Mac laptop with no mouse, and I find it clumsy to click and drag. I would suggest an interface option to emulate a click/drag by using the RMB.
  6. I can use the doll on the compressed air, but not use the compressed air on the doll.
  7. Going from programmer to designer is HARD, but not as hard as getting into the games industry in the first place. It took me eight years to do, but I'm finally a designer, and it was definitely worth it. The necessary skills in organization and logic required to be a good programmer are also a huge boon to working as a designer, not to mention being able to quickly create small functional prototypes to push my own ideas. The other thing I would highly recomend is do not judge the industry by working for one or two companies. Every company has it's own culture, it's own problems, and the difficulty or ease of changing roles will also vary. If you can't get to designer in your current company, move somewhere else as a programmer, or a technical designer, or a 'scripter'...
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