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  1. Many thanks to DFBurger for inviting me to his game tonight. To get the most important bits out of the way: Brazen is fantastic. I really enjoy the old school movie motif infused with both seriousness and classic DF humor. My only thought was that if a lot of this is based around movies that used to have those awesome battles and giant claymation monsters, maybe a few more classes originating from other movies in the same vein as the old school Hercules/Clash of the Titan movies. A mystical persian pirate/sailor similar to Sinbad from The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad, or some sort of reflectively dressed scientist like many of the millions of old school US stop-motion horror films? The persian adventure would seemingly fill the only thing I don't see already in the class lineup, a finesse based melee class, as while the Beerzerker seems close, it almost seems more like a melee brute, while the stalwart is a melee guardian. Regardless of any of my nonsensical ideas, I really love what is in the game already, and can't wait to see it develop more. To all the DF folks and forum goers, have a great holiday.
  2. I'm all for this. Steam profile http://steamcommunity.com/id/Silver-Streak/ Edit: Assuming it's still going on. Understandable if not. ALSO WHY IS KAIJU PILEDRIVER NOT IN FIRST