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  1. Yep, definitely, that must have been it. Thanks a bunch!
  2. In the daily episode #8 around 12:30, JP mentions a game company which sounded like "T Micos" - I couldn't find it. What did he mean?
  3. There are a couple of great single independent games around, but one company that consistently delivered is Introversion Software (Uplink, Darwinia, Defcon). A strong second for me is Amanita Design Studios (Machinarium, Samorost).
  4. I second: - Beneath a Steel Sky - I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream - Blade Runner I can wholeheartedly recommend: The Chzo Myth Quadrilogy In order: "5 Days a Stranger", "7 Days a Skeptic", "Trilby's Notes" and "6 Days a Sacrifice" One of the most atmospheric (and scary) adventure series I've ever played - it's fully independent and 8-bit. You can download the series here: http://www.fullyramblomatic.com/games.htm Sierra's Manhunter: New York One of the lesser known Sierra adventures, Manhunter: New York (and its sequel, Manhunter: San Francisco) depict a a dystopic future in which humanity has been enslaved by Aliens. Rudimentary point-and-click interface. Molleindustria's Every Day the Same Dream More recent, this small, existentialist Flash adventure lets you live the same nihilistic dream over and over again. Play it here: http://www.molleindustria.org/everydaythesamedream/everydaythesamedream.html The Path The path is a surrealist, open-ended horror adventure ... "game" is the wrong word - rather: "landscape", based on the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale. More info here: http://tale-of-tales.com/ThePath/
  5. Also second Chuck the Plant. I miss him... her... it.
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