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  1. Hiver

    The Sacrifice

    I agree with Thirith!
  2. Hiver

    The Sacrifice

    The family seems to be conflicted, but not deep enough for the fact that Vella will be sacrificed imho. The only deep conflict I see is the mother who can not find her knife fast enough, so that the entire ceremony can start more quickly and her daughter can be gladly munched to death.
  3. Hiver

    The Sacrifice

    I played Broken Age, the Vella part up to the cloud-world and I was really really shocked by the sacrifice scene. It seems like it's normal for the family /villagers to lost lives for that beast. Death is nothing special. "We'll miss your sense of humor" ... but it's such a great honor to be sacrificed for that creepy chowhound!! Really? Dad is proud. Little sister doesn't really know what to expect or finds joy in Vella's misfortune (Schadenfreude). Why certainly! Grandma takes it for granted! Only Grandpa and Vella herself feel that something is wrong here. Although... Vella almost gladly put on her cupcake-costume later. Hey, Happy Cadaver Carnival everybody! "Can I take a sip from your bottle?" ... "Yes, just take it! I don't need it where I'm going!" Slusssshhh And how dedicated to a feast/sacrifice/religion can a mother be? The whole family should burst out in tears knowing that their most precious member is going to be wasted for moggie mog.
  4. May anybody here explain the term "oldschool" (in terms of adventure games) to me? And why do I need so much money for such a game? I don't think that old-school game designers had that much money back then. ... I feel like we are kept in a stupid loop.
  5. I'm not interested in playing the final game anyway! Once I had seen first screenshots of the smoothed graphics /engine, I knew that this is not the kind of "oldschool" adventure I want to play. The only good thing about this kickstarter is the documentary! 2PP is doing an excellent job here!
  6. I'm angry. I'm on the verge of asking DF to give me my money back.
  8. - giant, walkable Clouds with eager eagles, sundown, sunny weather - a clean Oil-rig, with soaring seagulls (very happy), smoking workmen - an abandoned Paper mill, with tons of sketchbooks, torn papers with drawings - an open Television Tower, with an incredible look-out and a crazy cable guy
  9. I have to admit that the good thing about Moai is that you can use Lua. You can create stuff / build prototypes very fast using a scripting language. Please don't take my following idea too serious: It would be so hyper-old-school, if this new game could be run on (several) floppy(s)! [credits to Surplus] Almost anybody could not say it is not old-school then.
  10. @ Surplus: This is not silly! This is what a forum is for, I guess. I don't want to goof on this project. I'm definitely curious to see how everything will turn out. The question "What does old-school game making mean?" is a very good one. You could open an entire new thread for that. @ Ritchie: low level stuff?! how about SDL?
  11. I understand that a possible "reinventing of the wheel" consumes a lot of time. But I think that the player would feel (maybe through the controls etc.) somehow this handcrafted and tailored aspect of an own engine. Of course they should not an oldschool adventure game, but using is definitely not old-school for me!And if you want to build on top of an existing engine, you always cary along a lot of stuff (libaries/helpers/etc.) which you simply do not need! For me, old-school means a (relativly) small file-size, too!
  12. Okay, but open-source here does not mean that I can easily access the source in this case. Why do I have to sign up for that "cloud" to "get started"? And are you really sure that you (DF) want to pay several hundred dollars each month while developing the game? An old-school adventure should look IMO like old-school from the outside and the inside (code)! Would you've used such an engine back in the days of DOTT? I guess you had not even had the possibility..
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