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  1. Mark Ferrari is in the team.. Please have a look here Mark Ferrari 8-bit Art and here Mark Ferrari's 8-bit Art Vol. 2. Then read this: http://blog.thimbleweedpark.com/mark_ferrari
  2. I literally teared up watching this. Again, thank you guys for the game, the journey, your personas and the inspiration. May God keep you well and make even more awesome stuff. Tim. thank you for inspiring me since childhood.
  3. This has really been a very beautiful, stressing, incredible, inspiring journey! I feel I really connected with this company and its people - more than any other out there that's for sure, and I would really like to take the opportunity to thank you for this. I was really really sad to see some people leaving during this journey, and this says a lot about the connections created. Keep walking you guys and gals, and I hope we keep seeing you more - I am gonna miss these documentaries
  4. 1000% pro releasing it for free even though I paid for it! This should be shown at Game Design courses all over the world, not only to people that might not appreciate it. The world should be educated about projects like these and what it really takes to do something of value. Thank you again for all the experience and not just the game. Peace
  5. Hey guys! Thanks for all the hard work on everything you've done the past few years. My number one request would be sweet sweet commentary and hi-res versions of the graphics in the game. Otherwise that game is perfect! Still perfect as it is!
  6. After watching this video and the Amnesia Fortnight stuff, I feel humbled! I should really really work more.. You guys inspire me to become a better programmer!!
  7. Only those who can't do...teach. And Oliver obviously can do! Actually Oliver has published some scientific publications in the past @meisjoe Awesome!! Your portfolio also great! I've actually read these papers some time ago!
  8. I'm really digging the feelings I get whilst looking at E and F. Dynamic, mysterious, fragile, pissed-off, depressed, happy, offensive (maybe against some weird boy from some other culture...) you name it. I think that these designs capture a more complex character than some of the others. Of course this all depends on the storyline of the game
  9. Totally agree.. And record it with ultra high frame rate super duper HD cameras.. For science... And group work place coffee breaks viewing
  10. I'm still half way through this episode and I had to stop and come here to give all my Thanks and appreciation.. This idea.. the documentary accompanying the creative process behind this game and the people behind it is seriously one of the best things to happen in the game industry... Come to think of it.. Not just the game industry but the entertainment industry as a whole! Thank you guys and gals of Double Fine and 2PP! Thank you
  11. All of these look awesome! My personal favorite is the fireflies world. I think the overweight fireflies should be the norm in this world!! Fireflies going to the gym and running on the treadmill should be punished, made the laughing stock of little overweight firefiles and be exiled from the land. And what if all these fireflies could collaborate when a thread (one of the protagonists) comes in the land.. Like for example, unite into one giant mean lean Bruce Lee like giant firefly with Bruce Lee sounds and all! Or even better like Sammo Hung (in Enter the fat dragon): )or a giant sumo wrestler (in uniform)! (yes, I've been hallucinating lately!) ps. Peter Chan! Still remember some artwork I saw in a British magazine (PC gamer or PC format I think) for Full Throttle back in the day (1994-1995 I think). It had some awesome looking bikes in it! Aaa, the memories
  12. But is it considered a cutout? Let me quote Oliver here: That means (if I understand this correctly) that the "cutouts/images" are deformed when the character is moving. I guess you could call it digital puppet animation. In my honest opinion, this style of animation never looks the same as hand drawn animation because the animator cant drawn new poses, they just manipulate a model. A lot of animation studios nowadays animate in digital hand drawn with programs like TV paint http://www.tvpaint.com/v2/content/article/home/ I have no argument on that. You could say that this digital puppet animation approach is a good compromise for speed and quality over the traditional hand drawn approach. And of course with added flexibility as a result of animation reuse for different characters. Plus, if Double Fine does this of course, the animations could be shared to the community (If only.. I suck at artsy stuff )
  13. But is it considered a cutout? Let me quote Oliver here: That means (if I understand this correctly) that the "cutouts/images" are deformed when the character is moving.
  14. That is a very good question. Right now we are simply replacing the rig, so there is a pop (blending wouldn't really work in this case). The animators will have to figure out whether or not that looks good enough. We could try to connect transitions like these with a special animation, but that might be a lot of work. I really like your 2.5D hybrid approach on the animation system! Really cool. In response to what some other people are saying on the 30fps argument (is it enough or not), well I have to assume you can sample the (skeletal) animation at a much higher rate (i.e. 60 fps), but I think the animation result would be the same. Correct me if I'm wrong, but in traditional Skeletal Animation you use Motion Graphs to do transitions between animations. Now, in your approach I have a feeling this would not work so smoothly because of the 2.5D approach (unless you drew different views of the body). Can you elaborate a bit on your approach? That would be a very interesting read (for me at least) . OVerall, thanks for all these updates.. This is the coolest forum on the web
  15. Oh Man. Hero's Quest 1 was the first one I ever finished and it was an incredible experience.. Larry 1, Police Quest, Maniac Mansion, Zak McKracken were next... Good times
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