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  1. I see I'm not the only one who climbed the invisible walls. As someone who loves exploring, I wish more games had this "feature"! Any Easter Eggs I should look for when I'm on the other side?
  2. I think the game should come with psuedo-DRM, and you break the region-locking and copy protection to proceed in the game by using the in-game tools. Like say, there's a puzzle that requires you to have two copies of the game running at once. Or something.
  3. I'd like to second this idea, but I also see the value on the top-down perspective. Maybe a tactical minimap (Olfactory Radar?) could be implemented? That way we could still have the advantage of the easily understood top-down display, but also have a better look at the characters and environments. Alternatively, perhaps a dual-screen approach? Possible Wii U / 3DS applications? Not that I think an orthographic top view would be inadequate for this project, or that it would make it any less awesome, I just think there could be some value in experimenting with different player perspectives.
  4. Oh wow. So it is just me being dumb. For some reason I never associated the numbers on the HUD with the ones on the keyboard. I'll be sure to check out the pdf next time thanks.
  5. I won't be able to play until I get home after the weekend, but if anyone wants to play in the future, I'm Yarbskoo on Steam and everywhere. http://steamcommunity.com/id/Yarbskoo
  6. I'm away from home for the weekend and my laptop can't run that Brutal Legend engine, but I'll play this as soon as I get home. I liked Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii, (even though I still haven't finished it) so if this is anything like it, I'm up for a retail purchase.
  7. I'm not entirely sure if this is where I'm supposed to post this, but here goes: I was trying out Happy Song, and I didn't have a controller plugged in. The button prompts looked like they were intended for a 360 controller. I managed to make things happen with the left and right mouse buttons, but couldn't figure out how to activate the other two buttons. I also couldn't open the options menu (considering the prototype status I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't one). My question here is: Am I being dumb and missing something, or am I just better off using a 360 controller or equivalent?
  8. I originally wasn't gonna vote for this one. Then I read the design doc and something just clicked. Maybe it was the idea of fighting a giant flaming laser-eyed cat with a burning rat, I dunno. I feel like I'm already voting for too many things, but I think this project's earned my vote.
  9. Great post! Lots of cool stuff. Now for a few (lol) questions: So the silhouette of the characters will be defined by vertices? And here I thought 3D artists wouldn't be useful on a 2D game project! Does this mean an anti-aliasing solution will be implemented? What about the backgrounds? Are the layers defined by meshes as well, or do they simply use an alpha channel? Also, is the character geometry completely planar? Would he disappear like Paper Mario if we saw him from a side view? How does the overlap of the arms and legs work? Are some parts, like his arms, separated from the main body? Or does the system have some other way of knowing what parts should overlap the others?
  10. Oh, wow. Instructions on how to play classic adventure games, but not on how to buy them? What is this world coming to? ;-P Anyway, I'm loving the production values on this series. It looks and sounds great. Can't wait to see the game start coming together!
  11. 11 people for a year, eh? I hope they like making adventure games as much as I like playing them.
  12. I'm one of the ones who waited until the last minute to fund the project. Not because I didn't want to, but because I couldn't, obviously. Anyway, these statistics are very interesting. Thanks for posting.
  13. In my Story Design and Script Writing class, we refer to an "Idea Mine". Got an idea? Throw it in the mine. Need an idea? Try digging through the mine. Sometimes the idea you have now can be useful later on down the road, even if it isn't pertinent to your current project.
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