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  1. I'm a million years late on this, but thank you everyone for compiling all this excellent info. I'm late on my Psychonauts 2 info.
  2. We can always cross our fingers and hope we get DLC in the future! I know I'd love to see the other factions and stuff they only hinted at in the artbook.
  3. Thanks for the update, Greg! Definitely looking forward to seeing what you guys have been up to!
  4. If Soylent Dreams was bigger it would definitely get my vote. It just looks a bit small if anything.
  5. You'd have a bit more luck nudging the folks in charge of Xbox live in Germany over this than the people at Doublefine. Get a few friends to chime in as well and say you're all interested in it/want Brutal Legend back.
  6. I honestly got supremely stuck on two puzzles, primarily due to not realizing you could combine items in Meriloft and being afraid of somehow not getting an item. 1. Obviously combing the ladder and shoes didn't occur to me at all. It took a break and me clicking things wildly before I got that to work. 2. Trying to get that dang bucket. I thought if I said 'Oh your hat makes you look fancy' I'd somehow lose my chance to get the bucket entirely. I'm not really sure why. I guess I'm used to being locked out of conversation topics if I experiment at all. I pretty much got through most of Vella's end game minus the bucket until I finally tried that one option. Oy, the egg on my face after that.
  7. Yeah, it is just a little TOO convenient that he wouldn't let Shay see the aliens or really interact with them asides 'saving' them. My friend was wondering if he was another faucet of the AI mom. I'm not wholly sure if that'll be the case or what, so I didn't add it to the list.
  8. This thread is beautiful and you're a beautiful person for it.
  9. This is going to be an odd thread, but bear with me. I figure this could be a fun thread to laugh at how odd our guesses got while we were playing. During Broken Age, I ended up wildly guessing at the plot whenever possible. It led to some weird conclusions. It was even worse when I let a friend play with me for a short while and she had stranger theories than I did. Along with losing it when we got to the ending. Our very wrong theories go as follows: -Vella is Shay's mom?? (ew no stop) -Vella & Alex = Shay's parents? Become computer AI? (What did i just say, stop that this instant.) -Alex is older Shay?? -Vella is from the future, Shay is in the past? -Marek is Future!Shay? -Marek is disguised Vella? -The Yarn buddies are Mog Chothra (my friend was really creeped out by the yarn folk.) Clearly my friend and I were very off base, but, its funny to look back on now. Did you guys have any strange/completely off theories while playing? I'm curious to hear what people were thinking while playing.
  10. I'm on the fence myself on whether he knows about the Mog Chotha dealio. In the final battle he doesn't seem to even know its the same kind of ship he's in. So things could have really drastically changed during the time he was asleep. Along with the fact he shows some passion at being able to help Vella/destroy the 'monster'. So, I'm erring on the side of him not knowing. Since Project Dandelion is mentioned twice at most and- stuff like that can change given time and desperation.
  11. I feel silly since I never really DEEPLY thought about the riddle itself. I was wagering it was mog chotha somehow but didn't plan on solving it right away. I was just trying to give everyone what I had in my inventory to see what they would say in response to it. So I more or less solved it by going WHAT HAPPENS IF I GIVE THEM A PEACH? Ironically when I let a friend play Broken Age for a bit, she immediately got the riddle, like barely needed time to think about it.
  12. I have never heard a story full of more romance and intrigue that one. Truly, nothing can top it.
  13. I think about two people proposed in the credits actually. Not super sure since going through the credits made my eyes hurt, fft.
  14. I always love watching these episodes, it's really nice to know more about a company I love in this sort of way. I'm not entirely sure how to describe it honestly. Mostly I can say is, I always feel super inspired after watching an episode. I just want to make something. I'm never sure what, but I always feel inspired. Keep it up you guys!
  15. I'd say just call or email the Doublefine store, being persistent is pretty much the key to getting stuff from them. I say this as someone who buys from the store often enough to know two months is not a unusual wait for items. (I've probably said it before, so ach, pardon me if I'm a broken record, guys!)
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