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  1. Hi there, I've got the latest version (1.1 build 599577) and it's really REALLY bugging me that whenever I select characters the wrong ones appear - often causing ones that were already training to disappear or stop training. It seems to me that the second character (sometimes the third character) down on the left is always brought out even when I've carefully not selected it. Going back into the selection screen, unselecting this character and re-selecting the intended character always seems to work. I've even carefully moved the screen up and down to see it it's the back-arrow (return button) that's clicking over a character but that shouldn't be it because I've already selected four so the incorrect one can't be selected anyway. Please fix it - it's really annoying! Regards.
  2. Playing on my iPhone 5 I got my manager to level 10 and had trained all his abilities to the max. Because my team were all trained almost to the max I hardly ever used my manager's abilities but I've realised after many fights that my manager has lost all his abilites and just has the megaphone icon at level one, the others are all at zero. Unfortunately I've no idea what's caused this or how long it is since it happened so I'm not much help but I thought I'd let you know. [edit to say that I am re-training him up again with no issues so far.)
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