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  1. I'm just waiting for the Steam version with Steam Achievements
  2. I want to pre-order the game, but I'm afraid if it gets Steam Achievements on Steam when it arrives there Oh, the dilemma! Can someone from DF please let me now? It would be awesome.
  3. I still wish they would do a widescreen aspect ratio, not by cropping the scenes, but by adding missing background information / details.. Like this.. . I think I'll wait with the pre-order... Maybe GFDeluxe can fix what DF didn't do with Grim Remastered..
  4. Oh, okay:) Thanks Honey. No, I haven't really found the time to watch the documentary I tried watching it in the early beginning, but didn't really figure out much of the game info, so I gave up So beta in March maybe?
  5. Okay, I've browsed the forum, but still no word on the actual release date. Has it been delayed even more? Was hoping to play it around this time
  6. So will the awards be upgraded too?
  7. Hi! Is it possible to change my pledge from $30 to $60?
  8. Hey, with October coming up, I'm just curious on how far you are into development as the game is supposed to be done by then I just want to know if there are any delays or whatsoever, or maybe a more accurate release date Just want to play it soon!
  9. It's Majus, right? Cool to see! Congrats!!!! And great way to apply for a job
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