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  1. All I know is that Caberjacks are the kings/queens of the glancing blows
  2. Correct me if i'm wrong! Strength = attack damage for Caberjacks Dexterity = attack damage for Hunters Intelligence = attack damage for Alchemists Intuition = ??? Resistance = you take less damage... from something?? Rupture pools? Possibly.. Speed = amount of spaces your character can move, but not. for example if speed is 4 that doesn't mean their movement is 4, so their movement is... ? Armor = resistance to physical damage Hp = health Accuracy = chance to hit (annoyingly can go above 100%, meaning even people that character isn't aiming for get hit ) Sight = area of vision
  3. Not sure of the years, but: Research 1 - Second keep Research 2 - Sagewrights Research 3/4 - Third keep or Crucible Research wild card - dependent on birth rate I may adopt or recruit people Research 5 - Health Vial Research 6 - Sponge stone ----- Although! I think this has been nerfed to reduce your health by 30% It is no longer the ultimate item T_T Research 7 - Fourth Keep Research 8 - Either Caberjack or Alchemist Armour Research 9 - Health flask upgrade Research 10+ - At this stage I'm not hugely fussed, i'll research whatever Thought process: 1 - more babies 2 - faster research = faster building construction = more babies 3/4 - more babies / Stronger babies Wild card - stable baby supply 5 - less likely of losing heroes in battle 6 - less likely of losing heroes in battle, although now i'll only give this to heroes with a lot of health to begin with and are likely to be at the front line, so take a lot of damage, but can get some back. The caberjacks are an obvious choice as they can get knockback which made them excellent for dealing with seeds. They'd hit for 1/2 get knocked back and the caberjack would recover the knockback damage as health. Although now there is a 30% debuff to their overall health I feel less inclined to use this and may just go back to health flasks for all. 7 - more babies 8 - more health for front line heroes 9 - Better health flask means more health recovery for heroes 10 - not overly important at this stage for me, I may experiment with something I haven't used, but I got burnt with the periless core... I thought it was a grenade, but it seems to be a suicide bomb :\ I've pretty much nailed down my strategy, but it doesn't mean I won't try and mix it up every now and again. I tried a few of the weapons, but found they weren't really worth the time spent researching, but this was a while ago, so maybe its time to try again.
  4. You guys are doing a great job! Hopefully you should get a butt load of purchases from those who fear digital and want hard copies
  5. X, one of your Sagewrights, comes to you with what she/he declares to be the salvation of the war. A herbal tonic derived from the Lapse which they claim will increase the speed of research! 1. Take the tonic, we must stay ahead of our enemy. 2. It's too risky, without fully knowing the effects of the tonic let's not take the chance. 3. Share the tonic between the sagewrights, surely a small does won't kill you? 4. Drop it in the chalice. Results 1. X takes the tonic, a: His/Her eyes glow with a pale blue light and he/she shrieks with pain. They have gained the 'Brainiac' trait, their intelligence has been raised by half. (If it was 6, it's now 9) b:X clutches their throat as their skin begins to shrivel and peal. They drop to their knees as their body turns to dust at your feet. 2. a: Reluctantly X agrees and carefully disposes of the tonic. b: Defiantly, X downs the tonic! go to results 1 3. If sagewrights == 1 go to results 1. Else X shares the tonic out between the Sagewrights, a: They cough down the tonic and someone remarks on the acrimonious taste. All sagewrights gain 1 intelligence. b: They shriek as a blue vapor engulfs them... If Sagewrights > 3 start a battle against the Sagewrights now Lapses, Else ...Then a swift series of explosions and all that's left are the shoes to fill. 4. X drops the tonic into the chalice... a: it makes a plop sounds as it sinks beneath the water. Sadly, nothing else happens b: as X looks deep into the water they see a pair of eyes staring back! You've opened a temporary rift allowing a small group of Cadence through!! Start battle c: as X looks deep into the water they see a pair of eyes staring back! You find a child with bright blue eyes and increased intelligence
  6. The Walls! I have had it a few times where my troops would be on the other side of a wall to the enemy, they can see me over it, but they'll keep running up and down it rather then go around. | | | .. . .L''_''_ _ _ ... Ussally I'll end up ranging them to death with flasks and arrows, while they run up or righ a couple spaces then right back to the corner. As long as they're not ranged, this works a treat!
  7. How about Caberjack's Caber is a giant painted nutcracker, the alchemists throw Christmas puddings, and the hunters fire candy canes!
  8. It's probably a little late now, but would it be cool to have some sort of shield item equitable to one of the item slots? Like a buckler. These could add random levels of defense, but maybe you could backwards engineer some from the cadence. I like the idea of having a lapse fire at you and then using a shield redirect the shot away from that character, maybe accidentally into another one of your own or an enemy. As I said it's probably a bit far into production now, but interesting idea?
  9. True. It's the whole 'I want innovation and something new, but it damn well better be exactly the same as what i've already got or help me god!' Overwatch would be very strange for close combat. I kinda like not having it as it forces you to search for the enemy rather then sit in wait. And you never find just one, it'll always be a party of the blighters chillin around the corner I love how they all just colectively turn their heads as if going 'Huuuurr?'
  10. Haters gonna hate Sadly this is running on the tail of space base, so people are willing to paint it with the same brush without fully experiencing the game or looking at what patches will be released in the future. One of the negative reviews stated that this was the finished game 1 or so patches ago, and there would only be tweaks to the ui and bug fixes left to update. In time these views and fears should change, there will be something new to get angry about, for now just don't let it get you down and just ride the wave. The best thing to do is continue to make a great game, then all the irrelevant negative feedback will lose whatever tiny threads of weight they've got behind them and will just look small and petty. For example, I read one review that simply hailed Doublefine as the new EA. Heck, with reviews like that who needs independent thought! I'm all for leaving negative feedback if you truly thought you didn't get your money's worth, but don't just say the company is evil :\ And on that note, everyone compares this to Xcom, and some say it's not as good or a poorer version. Xcom cost £40 when it was released, Massive Chalice costs £22. Half the price, but just as much content! Maybe people fine it hard to associate the cost of a game with its content? Shadow of Mordor, bought it in the steam sale for £30, really long game, but does this make it a better game? Certainly it's more bloated! But it boils down to the gameplay mechanics which are fundamental to any game the rest is just padding added by a AAA status. Imagine what Massive Chalice would be with a AAA back account? Would it be overly different? I think not. We'd see more character models (fat, thin, big, small), perhaps more locations, but this would be just that. Padding. The gameplay mechanics and over all back bone of the game would be the same, just with a fancier ribbon tide around it. So if people complain that a game they bought for half the price of a AAA game doesn't match the standards of a AAA game, maybe they should stop pirating and start paying a AAA price for everything! I'm sure I had a point in here somewhere... then I started waffling.... mmm... breakfast.
  11. Hey guys, I love that you've changed the Area of effect of the Alchemist's flasks from a + to []. I wonder though, could you perhaps put it in so that you can choose to equip your alchemist either with a + bomb or a [] before battle? This might be an interesting extra strategic choice to have, and help to mix it up in combat if you have a couple alchemists in the field with the two different flask types. As both the + and [] bombs would have their benefits and weaknesses. It's easier to miss an ally with a + bomb if they're right next to an enemy, but you can hit more enemies with a [] bomb. What do you think?
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