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  1. I really hope it can be changed to point and click and I might be able to finish the thing without rage quitting!
  2. Stay true to your core and the broader audience will find you, maybe a little more slowly than you like but that is no problem nowadays. I really don't know why the default assumption is that everyone is dumb and impatient.
  3. The wire was a massive financial success through DVD sales and foreign sydication - after it found its audience through word of mouth. This would not have happened if the quality was comprised to 'widen' the audience. Yes. But I don't agree that the general public will be put off by difficulty. Why assume they are all idiots? Create an engaging experience with depth that everyone is saying pays off and you might be surprised by people.
  4. Yes it isnt around that much any more. But that's why the idea of an 'Old school' adventure resonated so much. Good point about being halfway, the thing is there is the possibility that the whole thing is so easy because mareck and or some unknown actor in violas world is pulling the strings - and only now the challenge begins!
  5. Come on. You are not seriously trying to say that a sufficiently large proportion of backers of an "old school adventure" were children (with credit cards) and people who have never played an adventure game? When people try to create something the biggest mistake is trying to appeal to a large audience. Why does everyone underestimate the intellectual capacity of the public anyway? If people are dumb why is the wire so popular? Focus on the core ideas and make what you want to make - make the audience work a little and maybe you have made something genuinely rewarding. Anyway, 87k people who want to see the old school adventure revived so much they were even willing to open their wallets on a promise - is the exact opposite of a large audience! And judging by the comments on this board a lot of people feel exactly the same. anyway, i did enjoy it.
  6. You completed them so quickly because you already know the solutions! It would be interesting to see how long it would take you to finish monkey 2 with no walkthough as you haven't played it before. I would guess 10h + and defo not in one sitting.
  7. But the point is to compare the length to an old school adventure, not a new one. Length doesn't really bother me anyway. If the puzzles were more difficult the length would have taken care of itself. Turn it off, go to sleep and try again tomorrow etc.
  8. I think that is a fair point actually. But also something that can be tested quite easily. How long does an old school adventure take someone now, but only for those playing it for the first time? eg someone who never played one particular game when younger. And Is the time taken for an adult to finish broken age significantly lower for an adult than a child?
  9. Well, I think the majority of people here also think it was far too easy so I think its unfair to single me out on this. You are right though, they made what they wanted to make and that is fair enough - they got that chance. I just think that if at any point anything was compromised to widen the potential audience (especially to non-backers), then that was a bad decision. FYI i still enjoyed it!
  10. Now you are moving the goal posts. "Old school adventure", not "old school adventure, simplified for new fans" that's telltales business and as I said, people who don't like old school adventures literally have an infinite realm of other things they can do. So many things in this world are ruined by pandering to the lowest common denominator. I'm not even sure that people like simplified things as much as those in the media think, as anything with a bit of depth given a chance tends to do very well (the wire). Truly great things are made by people who say forget it, lets do it the way we want and if people put a bit of effort in they might get something meaningful out of it.
  11. Younger people and those with no experience with adventure games have lots of other things to do, why aim this at them? They didn't fund it.
  12. Yes, it needed an intro. I think I knew deep down inside that when there was no intro, something was up...
  13. I watched that too and maybe the things they identified as bugs (hey why aren't they clicking on that toaster) may have been a feature. Act 2 will be harder? Yes, and krusty is coming to camp!
  14. Unfortunatley, I have to agree. From the moment it didnt have an intro sequence I should have known something was up. The puzzles are basically tell tale level, not old school at all. The joy of being stuck, coming away and thinking about things was missing. Furthermore, there was no build-up to the feast at all and i'm sure much more time could be spent at the cloud colony - even jack black said it "is that it?" Whats the rush? You have all these art assets and characters and the game just lets you basically walk though them.
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