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  1. Great news on the Grim remake. I hope it will be possible to get the original voice actors back together (if any re-recording is going to happen)

    Anyway, just came on here to wish the team at DF good luck with this. Hopefully, if it is successful, Disney will greenlight updates of DOTT and other Lucasarts classics.

  2. Sure, I know androids can't feel love if it's not in their programming, but that doesn't mean people shouldn't try.


    I would love my favourite games developer to release this one for Android. Will it happen?

    PS. I was surprised there wasn't more about this when I looked, if there have been other threads that I missed then I'm sorry. let this one drop.

  3. I was thinking about this last night, and I remembered that you can actually learn from cultural stuff in games-

    In Day Of The Tentacle, for example:

    I found out about George Washington and that whole cherry tree thing. And that weird conical flag you guys have. ;)

  4. What's everyone's opinions on cultural references in games?

    I think it's a good way to get some easy laughs, but it's also an easy way to alienate audiences.

    For example, someone might make a joke that's genuinely very funny about Walmart. However, because Walmart doesn't exist in most countries, many people won't get it and the joke won't be funny. The American player enjoys the joke, the European player feels they're missing out, not part of the target audience maybe.

    I don't know how much localisation happens for this kind of thing?

  5. I'd love to work in games but I don't know where I'd fit in. I'm in IT tech and teaching, but I can't imagine how these would be applicable to any games company. I also fear the whole "if our brilliant game isn't successful because of some stupid decision by another company we have completely no control over, then we have to close down and lose all our jobs" thing.

  6. I've just finished replaying Psychonauts, just as good as I remember.

    Still playing through LA noire, but to be honest getting a bot bored. After the initial wow factor with the facial animations, I don't feel like anything I'm doing is actually affecting my path through the game.

    Just started playing Anachronox again, after getting it on Gog.com. I'd really recommend it for fans of DF games. (just ignore the boring combat)

  7. Oh it would definitely be easier to port DFA to platforms than make a new platform entirely, but it would be a long term investment to minimise the amount of work required in future. Let's say DF make 5 games for this thing, which runs on windows,ios and linux. Suddenly IBM come up with OS/3 and it's the most amazing thing in the world and everyone needs to port their games to this new platform or miss out on some deliciously seductive moolah.

    Porting 5 games would, I imagine, be significantly more expensive than porting the one VM system.

    Perhaps it's not appropriate to do this now, for DFA. However, I really think there should be a change. One of the problems I have with the games industry how shockingly short term it is- unlike films or music, you can't obtain some of the greatest games ever made unless you break the law. How dumb is that?

  8. SCUMMVM has ensured that we can play old classics like DOTT, Indiana Jones, etc on devices that couldn't have been imagined when the games themselves were being developed. This ability has given them lasting appeal and a valuable place in the small cultural niche that we call gaming history.

    I was wondering if it would be a good idea to develop DFA with the far future in mind, releasing a game that runs on a virtual machine that can then be rewritten for the needs of the OSs that want to run the game. This could be really handy for future Double Fine too, and mean that they wouldn't have to spend any extra money porting a game to a different platform, just change the VM.

    any thoughts?

  9. Yeah a female character can be anything in a game, it's just that SO MANY end up being enormously chested mannequins to make the game more appealing to teenage boys. I like to think that since DF doesn't have to worry about publishers interfering, we can trust them to create well rounded characters, male or female. Or Dog. Or appendage.

  10. I'm afraid I'm totally the opposite (to the OP). I hated all of those Myst games. Not because of the graphics or anything but because of all of the pixel searching you had to do because one of those things the look like it's just part of the background JUST MIGHT be important. This made the myst games very frustrating for me. They were less about problem solving and more about trial and error. (though to be fair the only Myst game I ever played a lot of was the original)

    In contrast, I found the adventuring in DOTT, Indiana Jones, Grim Fandango and Full Throttle much more entertaining because all of the things you could and should interact with were fairly obvious, the challenge was in working out what you needed to accomplish and how.

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