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  1. It might be enlightening to add in a "One vote per year worked at DF" sort of thing.
  2. I am loving this year's AF series - big thanks to DF and Two Player! I really dig the concept of bringing someone who is not deep in the game industry into the fold to work on a project - it really helps illustrate how fresh ideas can shake up the status quo and generate new things that people have never seen before. Next year I would love to see a staff pick category added in. It is cool to see what projects the internet votes on. It would be just as enlightening to see what game the crew thinks should win and how that processes changes things. You guys are the professionals, after all!
  3. Hey guys! I highly recommend checking out this card game: Legacy: The Testament of Duke de Crecy It has a focus on building a family tree and all of the complications that come along with it. It might give some good ideas!
  4. I am a sucker for space games, and its nice to see one that isn't purely action oriented. Love this lots!
  5. Sounds like a cross between Junkyard Wars and Tron. In other words, YES.
  6. Great update, very informative and with a sneak peek at a character to boot! I'm curious about the noodle arms too - I imagine they would be done flipbook-style. Or someone is going to have to make a noodle-rig. Heh. Noodle-rig.
  7. Carmageddon: Reincarnation GROUND FLOOR - A business building board game Tex Murphy - Project Fedora Two Guys SpaceVenture - by the creators of Space Quest Shadowrun Returns Make Leisure Suit Larry come again! Wasteland 2 Zpocalypse: An Epic Zombie Survival Board Game Double Fine Adventure Kings of Air and Steam - a steampunk themed board game I am currently looking hard at: Guts Of Glory: The Boardgame! Lost Valley by Pandasaurus Games I am kicking myself for missing Animusic 3
  8. I was just looking around to add to my soundtrack collection and came across this gem: KOyjMPPvaY4 I really love the idea of having the music tracks broken into layers that the designers can then mix together based on the players interactions with the game. It's fascinating stuff and hopefully inspirational to the team!
  9. Personally I would LOVE to see this feature make a return. Music in an adventure game requires more consideration than in other genera, since you tend to be in a single location for quite some time with a relatively small amount of action going on. Looking back, I can see a direct correlation between the games that had great soundtracks (particularity using iMuse) and the ones that stand out sharpest in my mind. I can imagine the technical challenges are monumental. Most games today use orchestral scores that are pre-recorded and compressed into something like an MP3, as opposed to the MI2 days when everything was done on the fly with MIDI. It seems that in order to reconcile the two they would have to take a technological step backwards and use something like a tracker that creates a .mod or s3m file (the first Deus Ex and Plants vs. Zombies used this method, and to good effect I might add). Taking a step back is not a bad thing. Just take a look at all of the great games that have taken a steps back graphically and have become truly outstanding and memorable.
  10. Fantastic stuff! I have seen many a finished product that didnt look half this good. I agree that the object highlighting is a little obnoxious and it would be nice to see an option to turn it on and off. The other thing that kind of jarred me a little bit were the sudden closeups on the characters face. I suppose its because I haven't seen it implemented in a game in quite some time (I think MI1 had something similar!). It would be nice if the camera could zoom in at the start of a conversation, but I can see how that might be a bit cost prohibitive in the performance department.
  11. Personally, I don't even look at the rewards - I base my contribution on how much money I can afford to give. All of the extras are just bonus goodies to me!
  12. I'm all aboard on this one too - everyone please... keep spreading the word to help the guys out!
  13. Wow. Releasing the tools is an awesome gift back to the community to be sure.
  14. I have a difficult time imagining an adventure game without puzzles. To me that's no longer an adventure game, its something... else. One of my greatest joys in an adventure game is picking up massive amounts of ridiculous junk - usually things that would never fit into your pocket - and then finding fun and bizarre uses for it. Great video, btw! I know it sounds odd, but its actually kinda reassuring to see Tim wresting with self doubt. I doubt anything truly great has ever come from someone who was 100% sure that the outcome would be liked by everyone - if that is even possible. Risk is all a part of the equation and the more of yourself and your ideas you risk, the greater the potential reward.
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