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  1. Yeah, my feelings were similar. I really enjoyed it, but the game often felt a bit "thin". Some more interactive objects and more character background (dialog) would have been nice. And like most people said, it was way too easy. My favorite part was Vella's adventure after the cloud colony. It somehow felt more open and (at least for me) the puzzles felt more like real puzzles rather then an obvious solution. Plus some Monkey Island vibe.
  2. At first I was disappointed that I have to wait an other year. But after this episode I realised, that this whole struggle for money to keep the game as intended is the major (positive) effect of being totally independent of publisher's support. A publisher would have cut the game down, so that I could be released in December. With this decisions we get a DoubleFine (Tim Schafer) game as pure as it can get. And I'm happy with that. I guess it's difficult to scale creativity. And we get another ~10 episodes of this documentary!
  3. Ron said on his Twitter that the PSN and WiiU versions for EU had been delayed for some reasons only Nintendo and Sony know. I guess there is an agreement with them that the Steam-version has to be released after their versions.
  4. That's it and nothing else! The original backers are still the heroes. I know that without me (and the other kickstarter backers) this whole project wouldn't be what it is right now. And Tim, Ron and the others from DF know it as well and they said it many times. That should be reward enough.
  5. I can surely say, I will not be disappointed in the end. How ever the finished game will be, I will have followed the development from the start and that is really awesome. I can't say how much I enjoy this documentary and the post here in the forum. The only thing I hope is, that the game won't consist of just slapstick jokes. PS: The music of the documentary is fantastic. Can't wait for the full soundtrack.
  6. I just finished the game. Steam said it took 3,8h. A little bit short, but I enjoyed the few hours. Definite worth the money. Especial when you can decide how much you pay.
  7. I couldn't agree more. The story of ToMI with the puzzles of MI2 and the graphics of Curse... That would be awsome.
  8. Realy great first episode! I wonder if it's possible that the documentation will make it on TV some day.
  9. No, I will not play the beta. As some people said before, I don't want to spoil myself with an unfinished, buggy game. Today, betas are like demos. And I play demos when I'm unsure whether to buy a game or not. In this case, I already bought the game. So what's the point?
  10. Yeah, none would be the best. There are over 80000 backers, that means in the worst case over 80000 opinions. That doesn't mean we have no right to say what we think of certain things. I think for a good game it's important to see the things of as many points of views as possible. 160000 eyes see more potential mistakes than perhaps 50 (don't know how many people are actually working on this game).
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