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  1. For those who haven't seen the "let's break pokemon blue" saga I suggest checking it out: http://lparchive.org/Pokemon-Blue/ I just spent 3 hours reading that. Thank you.
  2. Now I want to watch the original Clash of the Titans, because I've never seen it. Loved the art style, and especially loved the Beerzerker and Archer character. Archer character was my favorite. That was a really neat idea to have her use traditional melee weapons as projectiles!
  3. Yeah dude, that's what the whole thing is about! Costume quest was created out of an Amnesia Fortnight, as well as that Sesame Street game...Monster something. They create the pitch, and if they get funding for the games, they'll make 'em. Previously they had to pitch it to publishers. They may try to do it with these ideas, or they'll try to do another kickstarter...or use some of the money they make on the Humble Bundle.
  4. Valve and Double Fine are my two favorite gaming companies. My only wet dream is if the two companies collaborated on a project together. Or joined forces. Or something. I mean, they're only a drive away from each other, right? This is only starry eyed dreaming, of course. Businesses gotta business, competitors gotta compete.
  5. I love the idea a lot, Greg! Top 5 pick when I saw the initial video. When you were talking about it, I thought back to thatgamecompany's first construct when they were still in college, Cloud. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloud_(video_game) ) I loved how it centered on just the sensation of flying that you get in a dream. Have you played it, Greg? What kind of 'drama' will the ducks face on their trek from the frozen north, south to Cabo? EDIT Maybe I should read the previous posts before getting ahead of myself and reposting previously asked questions because i'm dum. Sorry!
  6. The originality of the majority of the games from the Amnesia Fortnight astounds me. I love, love, love the concept of this game. I hope it does not end up being too hard to come to fruition.
  7. SERIOUSLY. I want to see a major gaming company make as in-depth of a game as Dwarf Fortress! I love this idea! When I saw the initial video advertising Amnesia Fortnight, this game stuck out to me as the best idea. How complex do you plan on making the game? What hazards will exist for the player?
  8. - Underneath the boardwalk at the Jersey Shore - Within the Space/Time of the Internet...there are many cats there. And Pornography. And silly videos of people complaining about mundane things. - A packed bar that just ran out of alcohol, but there is extremely dangerous weather outside so no one is allowed to leave. Also, the only sport they are able to get on the big screen is a National Spelling Bee competition, and the bartenders are trying to get everyone into it. - A Lagrangian point, and all you have floating near you is a rowboat oar - The landfill in Arizona with all of the ET game cartridges - Trapped out of sight in Tim's office while he's writing and hearing ALL THE SECRETS.
  9. Just a quick thought. Wouldn't it be neat to have an adventure game that takes places involving the massive mixing pot of internet culture? NPCs could be memes new and forgotten, visiting something awful and 4chan...I don't know. What do you think?
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