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  1. I have had a look through previous posts and I can't see this reported anywhere. This is relevant to PC version of the Costume Quest I have been playing recently via steam. When in the Battle Stamp Menu in the notebook the 'Q' keys behaviour is different from all the other menu screens, normally Q key toggles the notebook on/off. Instead it acts to select the highlighted stamp and apply it to to the 3rd character, presumably the last character added up to that point the game. I noticed this as trying the close the notebook which would reset that stamp to, for example, a blank if a '?' was highlighted but it will set it to any highlighted stamp. My natural response was to hit 'ESC' which opens the pause menu and closes the notebook. This is not game breaking by any means but stuck out as probably not intended behaviour. I know this is an older game but I thought I would post this anyway as it's still a good game and I am sure there are other players out there who have yet to experience it, in case anyone at DF would be interested in having a look.
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