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  1. T-Shirt poll!

    We're talking about Broken Age shirts and there is no Yarn Friends / Cuddle Attack design? How is that possible?! In the mean time, I'm voting for Mr Spoon... but seriously Cuddle Attack ftw!
  2. A big thank you to Double Fine for this episode. Many Kickstarters promises to be open about their development, but they usually hide the ugly things or the actual numbers. I'm very happy to see that Double Fine dares to tell the truth, that's why I backed this project in the first place, for a documentary that actually show things as they are, instead of fake interviews that are simply marketing stuff. Good luck to all the team in theses difficult times.
  3. White Birch + Black Lake?

    You should probably wait till you played them before saying they are similar. Also, be careful, it could feel insulting for the teams involved to tell them "yeah basically you pretty much did the same stuff" when each tried to follow and expand on an original idea by their designer.
  4. There were several pitches which made me think 'nice idea maybe i will vote for it'. When i watched yours, my thought was "I WANNA PLAY THIS NOW!" Awesome idea, i hope you can pull it off.
  5. Double Fine High Official Thread

    I love street fighter puzzle and magical drop and love the concept of using df characters. However i thought your video lacked some explanations on what the actual gameplay would be like.. There are already many puzzle games out there, and not all of them are fun, so i wished for a bit more explanation on that
  6. Bragging and Fighting Official Thread

    I really liked that pitch, but i have one small problem wih it : it's very similar to an actual card game by a well known designer that was recently kickstarted. I'm sure this is a coincidence, but i hope you don't get into trouble if you go ahead with that idea. If you wanna check this out, look up Gauntlet of Fools on Kickstarter
  7. The Knockover Official Thread

    As an avid boardgamer, i would love that as an actual card games, the graphic style is great. As a video game, i don't get the point of using "cards". Can you elaborate on that design choice?