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  1. Dear DoubleFine, I woke up today with a desire to watch again the Sidequest videos, but the links to them are broken now. I thought it is problem of forum update, but even the links from the emails do not work anymore - is there any reason why I lost access to this? I was your backer, enjoying those videos very much when they popped up... Petr
  2. Man with a passion for his job. I was really moved by this episode, thank you.
  3. Right you are! I forgot to add this important detail, thanks for clarifying it.
  4. I can confirm this, possible fix proposals: - egg areas stop being active once Jessie has it's egg back - different message could be added to handle this case, but it would require new recording session with the actor
  5. Once Shay returns via teleport for the first time (tried the middle one), he says "My head is back to normal" - but this sentence is played simultaneously with talk of the teleport (one talking over other, results in hard to hear voice and two subtitles at the same time displayed)
  6. In the early stage of the game, when Shay is being offered with various kind of food for breakfast, there is minor glitch. When you accept the first meal, the animation is played, but the dialogue of the spoon is cut before it ends talking.
  7. When Shay walks and talks at the same time, the titles are a bit shaky and hard to read. It seems they try to follow Shay, but it does produce some kind of flicker effect.
  8. Once Shay attempts to ask the knitter for going to Prima Doom, the knitter says: "Please don't be angry, young sir" When playing in 1920x1080, the part of the subtitle is placed "below" the right border of the screen. Then the camera cut changes and the text is visible okay. I know, just a detail.
  9. You just raised our expectations above safe limits DO PRINTL "Can't wait!" PRINTL "Go, Double Fine, go!" LOOP
  10. Hi, thanks for the update. The note which got my attention: Me and my friends founded a company, which creates ~humanoid robots. We had a difficult time deciding what kind of modulation to use for voice, because our experiments showed that the "default" robot voice*, originally considered cool, is received as highly annoying by people, especially when robot talks to much (and our does ). We ended up having very subtle modulation, which seems to work for people (sounds robotic, but not as hardcore robot), yet it does not distract/annoy too much. I am looking forward to hear your version! Petr * This is what I consider "default" robot voice:
  11. I love this technical posts, thanks a lot for them. One silly question - in my (ridiculously small comparing to Broken Age) projects, I used mipmaps only for textures in fully 3D interfaces, to avoid visual noise produced by bilinear/nearest neighbour filtering. On the other side, for 2D I usually used just pure bilinear or even nearest neighbour filtering, to preserve crisp look. You write in the post: That is why it surprises me to read about mip maps in relation to displayed huge screen elements (not distant or small). Even the first mipmap level is 2 times smaller, which would make the background look noticeably "worse", even when used in smooth camera "zoom". I hope my question is not too rude, the game looks awesome and I am 100% sure you know what you are doing. I am just curious as I observed picking correct filtering can make a difference.
  12. Excellent, very informative post! The choice of cropping the screen for 16:9 is a little unusual for me as well, I would appreciate more info on this. I think in theory if you would preserve vertical space on all displays, the screens would "just" need less horizontal scrolling to see all content on widescreens, is this the reason behind the cropping choice (it could break composition)? Thanks!
  13. Lot of great ideas in this thread, we liked the dentist office and flight in hot baloon. Little contribution from two gorillas: Tree nest ...both birds and some apes build nests; imagine "nest for rental", where different inhabitants (chimps, tiny birds) would come and go and make different use of it... Circular world of desperate creatures catched inside car wheel ...sometimes steady, sometimes rolling, sometimes strange wind appears, sometimes the creatures are sucked out (by human manipulating the valve not carefully enough)...
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