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  1. I also would be very glad if DF would increase the number and difficulty of puzzles and also the number of hotspots. I would have liked just to have some more hotspots on interesting objects even if its just to hear the opinion of the protagonist about this object. To have more interesting hotspots would also increase the difficulty because you have more options that could be important for the current puzzle. If I have for example only 3 hotspots on screen and only 1-2 items in my inventory then the solution for the puzzle is very obvious, especially if the other characters then don't stop telling you, what you have to do to solve the puzzle like in the train puzzle. I second the opinion that there is sometimes very little to do per screen. I would have liked more puzzles per screen. Especially in the different towns it would have been nice to have more "business to do" with the different citizens. Sometimes I meet a character and and all I have to to is simply use all dialog options once and thats it, I never have to talk to him again in act 1. Like the guru from the cloud colony for example. No puzzles to get something from him. No further need to talk to him later to get a permission for something. (I mean he's the "mayor" of the cloud colony. So he should play a more important role in that part of the game) I would be glad if DF makes more use of the screens and characters they already have. That means: - Give me more to do with these characters. I want to know them better - Give me more hotspots to interact with per location. I want to hear the opinion of Vella or Shay about some of the objects in the background or even see them interact with more objects just for fun. - Give me more puzzles per location and make them a bit more difficult. I really hope that Act 2 will be more challenging and offer more things to do than Act 1. I absolutely like the art, the humor, the characters and the story (especially the end of act1) but I want more game and less just clicking through the story.
  2. No word yet, but AF just ended Wed and we spent most of yesterday packaging the AF prototypes for distribution. I'd say next week for the CQ fix, provided we can make the time for it. Will we ever get the CQ fix?
  3. AF is over, so are there any news about the patch? I've tried very hard to finish the game but I also get this error every single time I play the prototype. It would be really great if I could finally play the Costume Quest prototype without this error.
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