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  1. done! for anyone having issues getting the key from HB. just email them they are awesome. replied fairly quickly.
  2. still no key for me (((((((((((((((((((((((((. contacting humble. this is crazy.
  3. well i did a request for multiple keys as other kickstarter games have released recently and now it seems that even though i can get email with links to claim page for my paypal and my typical humble bundle emails. i cant seem to get any email for my kickstarter backing address. it even keeps asking me for captcha, even though it then claims that it had sent the keys. gulp. im going to wait for a bit to make sure it just didnt get lost or the humble website is not overloaded...but... no BA for me right now.
  4. is there any contradiction between purity of heart and being tough? is there any connection between purity of heart and innocence? i really cant see it. what exactly do you mean by purity of heart?
  5. That's funny. I read "Guns & Corpses" which makes a lot more sense. What the hell is "Girls & Corpses"? Ok, I found it and yes, it is just as weird as it sounds. now im sure. manny forgot the magazine there after his last casting.
  6. how can anyone name a magazine "Girls & Corpses". it sounds like something manny would read. unless its a hillariously silly magazine. in that case id approve.
  7. wow, i feel.... satisfied. deeply satisfied. with all the intended creepiness . and lily is back! lily is back!
  8. just for early access and beta. if i understood that correctly.
  9. Arenegeth: ....d bet that revolution also wants more money for the second episode . granted, the time window is smaller, so they may be not all that dependent on it, but its still pretty similar imho.
  10. well the argument might use the idea that early access is a case by case issue and games should not try to hide behind it, or at least not for too long, if the game is basically "complete". there is always a risk that shady companies might use early access as an excuse for bad quality and leave it at that. i myself consider this argument invalid, as the fact that game is in early access should imho mean that you should NOT buy it unless youre not ok with losing money on worthless product. its the full product that i should be adequately hard on, when its not up to scratch. still, some people might use this argument... btw, do you know whats the irony? people got worked up about Broken Age being released in two parts with the first part being basically "money-begging". what happens when Broken Sword does that with different wording, crafted to be a public announcement? nobody gives a flying ****. they even ditched the early access part and went for ep1 as a full release...
  11. yea, i think that SpaceBase got a really pleasant ride since its launch on early access. i hope BA will end up the same. although there is sort of a difference between BA and DF-9 since DF-9 is all about mechanics, while BA is way more about story and mechanics-lite game, because rarely puzzles can only by considered mechanics. i think there can be an argument constructed to review Act 1 when it comes out.
  12. great! does this actually mean that i can talk about the " " " " " "early access controversy" " " " " ", even if theres this self-imposed NDA (because of tims section), and tell people what it was actually like here on the backer forums when that happens and what was the actual situation? that would make me kinda liberated.
  13. id say id rather have tim focus on the work. the stream of vids is good as it is and since the release of act 1 is going to happen soon im sure the guys and gals are going to end in the crunch pretty soon.
  14. the $500 does not include the signed poster. and the $100 tier includes all of that with the exception of the art book. then theres the limited $250 tier.
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