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  1. I've really loved the documentary episodes so far. I watched the livestream yesterday and it was amazing to see how the games have progressed! Although it's nice to get caught up in the whirlwind of it, 2pp documentaries are always been top notch and worth the wait. It's continually courageous to open up the creative process in this way. I find it very inspiring. Can't wait to see the rest and play the games
  2. Hi Matt, this looks really interesting. What is the gameplay like - is it similar to Dear Leader? Or has it got a more adventure game feel? Do we get to explore the civilization on the moon?
  3. Really excited about this game. The art looks incredible. I'm wondering if there'll be any way to zoom in during the game? I remember loving the art for The Cave, but sometimes everything felt a bit too small, as though I was watching the game but not quite in it. Maybe that's just the adventure gamer in me! Also, is this coming anytime soon? Like in the summer?
  4. Thank you Spaff & everyone at DF and 2PP!!! The last week of the campaign was really great and the livestream was awesome! I loved hearing Peter McConnell playing boogie-woogie piano. I'm hoping we'll get to see loads of behind the scenes stuff about the making of the game. I miss the DFA episodes!!!
  5. I think DF felt really bruised by the DFA experience. It was always going to be hard to live up to so many people's expectations - including their own. So this campaign has felt like a bit of a downer at times, perhaps because DF were so upbeat in their previous fundraising efforts. I think it's a matter of self-preservation: they don't want to put themselves out there in quite the same way again. Which is a shame, because so many of us loved the whole process of DFA. However, I do think there's an upside, which is that there are far more than 21,000 people in the world who are going to love Psychonauts 2. So after the game is released, there will hopefully be many thousands, if not millions of people who will buy it. Nevertheless! We're almost at 100% and I am really really excited that my favourite DF game (and one of my all-time favourite games) is getting a sequel
  6. Thank you 2pp and Double Fine. What a wonderful journey it's been. It's been deeply inspiring and I think as time goes by all the controversy will slip into dust and you'll be left with this shining wonderful achievement. It's been a real privilege to watch a game being made by such talented and likeable people. Good luck with your next projects (Mnemonic maybe??!). I would certainly be a backer all over again
  7. What a wonderful episode. Very emotional - I can't believe it's been three years!!! Thanks so much to 2PP and Double Fine, it's been a pleasure to be offered an insight not just into making computer games but, on a deeper level, into how a group of people can work together to create something authentic and meaningful. You guys are great!!!! Can't wait to play the rest of the game
  8. Absolutely release it!!! The documentaries are a wonderful insight, not just into creating games, but also into what it's like to try and create something authentic and genuine and bring it into the world. Showing the process was very brave - and there will always be people who don't understand but there are other people who simply haven't considered how difficult creating something out of nothing is. I think some of the latter group would definitely be persuaded by seeing the documentary to ease up a little bit on their criticism. Plus, apart from anything else: the documentary is brilliantly made and wonderfully entertaining. It deserves to be seen by anyone who could enjoy it!
  9. That's terrific news!!! Thanks for the update Greg. Wow - 8-12 hours! That sounds amazing. I really wanted to spend more time in the glorious world you guys created, so I can't wait
  10. I think this was the bravest episode to be released so far. As anyone who has ever created a game/film/album etc. will know, the release date is when you feel most vulnerable. The project goes from being 100% in your control to almost 100% out of your control. You can't *make* people like what you've done, but you certainly hope they do. I'm impressed with the honesty of the Double Fine workers opening up about how they really feel in that moment. After all, that's what making the documentary has been about: to show game-lovers how games are made. I don't think the game's difficulty would have caused so much discussion if the game had been released in one part. People would have just said, 'It was a bit easier at first, but then the difficulty ramps up as it goes along.' And we all know the reason DF had to split the game up, because they showed us in the awesome documentary! So it seems like the kind of conversation that will disappear when the full game is released. And as for the game not being an old school adventure game. I have to disagree. It's quite different from other wonderful games from, say, Telltale, who have continued the franchises of Sam & Max etc. I would describe Broken Age as 'Lucas Arts meets Double Fine'. When I started playing I suddenly thought, 'Oh, I've missed this feeling.' They've managed to do exactly what they set out to do, which is create a throwback AND take the genre forward. Which sounds almost paradoxical, but they've done it. Thanks for another terrific episode 2PP, looking forward to seeing how things develop from here
  11. I played Dear Leader for the longer than any of the other prototypes. It was so funny - I laughed out loud more times than was comfortable for those who happened to be sitting in the same room as me. I didn't vote for it, but I'm really glad the prototype got made. I would love to play a full version. Mnemonic was also excellent, I think the idea has so much potential, and a lot of that was shown in the prototype. I'd definitely buy a copy. And Black Lake! Yes! I keep hoping DF are going to announce that they've secretly been working on it (although I'm pretty sure the main artist is working on Broken Age?). But I would love to see DF make full versions of any of these 3 games
  12. Thanks! For the DF titles, which are all single-interaction coversational, we use a vintage U-87 with an Avalon or a Neve. Mmm yummy warmness. For all your home studio questions, definitely check out the amazing Dee Bradley Baker's amazing (2 amazings!) page: http://iwanttobeavoiceactor.com/your-studio/ This page is THE BEST and honestly answers so many questions, from a pro dude who has been around the block 1000 times and knows of what he speaks. Dee rewlz! Aha, amazing!!! Thanks so much
  13. Hi there, Loved the episode!!! I'm wondering what microphones you use for recording - do you change it according to the voice of the actor? And second question, what advice would you give to someone recording voice in a non-professional (read: non-soundproof) studio
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