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  1. yeh I sent an email to humble bundle support explaining what had happened and I gave them my old email and my new email which my humble account is under. I haven't heard back from them but I was surprised to hear they resolved it for you, as it could be a scam, someone knows what your old password is and knows you are a backer so whats to stop them going on to humble bundle and pretending to be you and saying your old email is actually their old email address and getting your beta key? glad it sorted out for you though, hope it gets sorted out for me too soon, I'd like to play broken age.
  2. Probably best to contact double fine support. and how do you contact double fine support?
  3. when you sign up to humblebundle do you not have to confirm your email address by clicking a link sent to that address in an email? I just tried it, it turns out yes you do need to respond to a confirmation email which means that this method can't work for me as I can't log in to my old email address.
  4. Hi, I have lost access to my email address that I initially signed up to kickstarter and doublefine forums, is there anyway I could still get my backer beta access key? otherwise I've lost access to the game, I have changed my email address on the kickstarter account I backed broken age with and I have just changed my email address on my double fine forum account Im posting this message with. So would it be possible to have my beta access key emailed to this address?
  5. All art makes a point whether the creators want it too or not, the point will be defined by those who play it, and will probably be different for each player and not be what the creators intended.
  6. futuristic! robots! spaceships! aliens! maybe where human kind are considered pets of a spuerior alien race.
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