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  1. In Marek's room for the first time and have just been given the navigational chart and told to go through the vent. Instead I've tried to open the door, found it locked and been told this is a stealth mission. Twice during the close up on Marek's head his face has briefly glitched from looking left to looking right (and then back again). This happens synced to the word 'not' in 'not safe to use the hallways' and just after he finishes the word 'understand' at the end of the sentence.
  2. I've noticed the same thing on some of the cutscenes, but it's generally been fine walking around afterwards. i5-4670K, 16GB RAM, GeForce GTX 650 Ti, Win 8.1.
  3. When Vella attempts to touch the pie (repeatable action), her mother tells her not to and her father leans forward and says: "She already caught me using my fingers" When he says the words 'already' and 'fingers' there are minor tears/a broken overlap between his cheeks and his mouth. GeForce GXT 650 Ti @ 1920x1080 Windows 8.1
  4. Yup, same thing. And when she's finished with the letterbox the shrinking effect is unintentionally quite amusing.
  5. Yup, I came to report the same problem. Cheers.
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