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  1. Finished in 3 hours, without rushing through; I went for every line of dialogue I could find (avoiding any obvious 'this will advance the story/solve the puzzle' lines where possible and going for everything else first). Closest I got to being stuck was finding the controls when you're flying outside the ship in Shay's part of the story - even that was only for a minute or so though, I went around the whole area two or three times before finding the controls. I was playing in 1080p on a 32" screen, and the background art was so low res in that area that I assumed it couldn't be interacted with. I wish the art had been done with the closest level of zoom being the 100% size starting point to paint at, so that the close shots were 1:1 pixels and wide shots were zoomed out versions of the assets. As it is there's a lot of points where it looks like we're zooming to 200-300% of the original artwork size, and the pixellation really is a shame when the art style itself is so good. Resolution issues and puzzle difficulty aside though, I still loved the actual experience and I'm looking forward to part two.
  2. I played the Shay half first, and the ending just popped into my head during Vella's part when I talked to the girl that got left behind in Meriloft. Still love the story but wish I'd had the impact of it being a surprise
  3. Syberia 1&2, Still Life 1&2, plus a few other games, all 50% off at GOG, this weekend only... http://www.gog.com/promo/amazing_anuman_set
  4. I really like the concept, and I've backed it, but as most others have said it seems very unlikely that this is going to hit such a high target.
  5. Thanks so much for posting these, I'd probably never have seen them if you hadn't and it was a lot of fun to watch; made me feel really nostalgic. It'd be interesting to hear what Tim and Ron think of the videos if they've watched them; I got a warm fuzzy feeling just watching and thinking 'I played most of those games', I wonder how those guys feel having created a fair chunk of them?
  6. Exactly what I was thinking. I feel like certain people, herself included, will understand how amazing and groundbreaking the game will be, and hopefully the project will take priority over money. Agreed; there's also plenty of examples of big name actors/actresses working on smaller budget or indie movies as passion projects, taking a reduced rate just to be involved in something they have a personal interest in; no reason why this couldn't end up being a similar situation. I'd imagine it's something that can't really happen until there's a rough plot and characters in place, but I'm sure if she wants to be involved and Double Fine have a character in mind that'd be a good fit for her then something could be worked out without wiping out a huge chunk of the budget...
  7. *edit* This was originally a post on Gemini Rue Steam daily deal, but as steam clearly seem to be aware of the current renewed interest in adventure games (MI:SE Bundle, Ben & Dan games, Gemini rue, all within a week or so of each other), as well as the recent humble botanicula bundle, I thought maybe it'd be worth starting a single thread just to point any special offers on adventure games as they appear instead. The backer's forum seems a good fit for pointing out good deals (as everyone in here obviously has an interest in adventure games), but it might help to avoid clutter on the forum as more deals happen. So, to start us off... Steam daily deal - Gemini Rue @50% off Just picked it up myself; thought it'd be worth a quick heads-up for anyone who hasn't picked this up yet and is interested in it...
  8. Just a heads-up, Gemini Rue is Today's Steam deal - 50% off... I personally voted Gabriel Knight because I haven't played it in years and it'd be good for anyone who hasn't already played it to possibly generate a little extra interest in Jane Jensen's kickstarter - from what she's said so far Moebius is going to be thematically very similar to GK1. (GK1 is available on GOG for $5.99 for anyone looking for a copy by the way).
  9. Double Fine Adventure (funded) The Banner Saga (funded) Wasteland 2 (funded) Shadowrun Returns Remee - The REM enhancing Lucid Dreaming Mask Jane Jensen's Moebius and Pinkerton Road Studio I was undecided on backing the LSL remake for a while, but I think I'll be leaving that one; I just can't justify the extra cash right now. Of the projects above I'm most excited for DFA, and that's the first I backed, but Mobius is a close second. I'm hoping that Jane's CSG model works out, although the project doesn't seem to be getting as much interest so far as I would have expected it to. I've linked the ones that are still ongoing (as I post this) to the KS pages in case anyone's interested in them...
  10. Today's Steam deal, 66% off for Monkey Island 1 & 2 Special Edition bundle...
  11. Thanks for the heads-up DF Greg Already had Machinarium on steam and had only just started playing that, but have seen enough already to know that it's well worth getting their new game.
  12. 'Ray, when someone asks you if you're a god, you say "YES"!'
  13. Just my opinion, but I really don't like being able to die in adventure games. As a couple of people have mentioned, the possibility alone makes you play more carefully, especially when they are deaths that you might not see coming; it actually deters you from experimenting, or makes you save constantly, and neither is ideal. My take on this is that death itself in games is usually used to give the player a challenge, a sense of achievement, and to provide barrier to progress - for example, in a shooter if you die it's generally due to a mistake or lack of skill, and so with practice you get over this and become better at the game. If you couldn't die in a shooter, you'd breeze right through it and there would be no challenge or feeling of accomplishment. For an adventure, the puzzles themselves already do these jobs - solving a puzzle allows you to progress and gives a sense of accomplishment - the challenge is in thinking rather than reacting to things quickly.
  14. I love that with these animations you'd never know they were 3D rendered from still shots; you can pause them at pretty much any point and the stills just look painted. I posted something about 'Meet Buck' last week in the 'Pixels or polygons?' poll, but I think it got buried pretty quickly in the stampede to post on here in the first few days. 'Mac 'n' Cheese' is also worth a look for more of this kind of style (done by different folks but with a very similar visual style). Here's a link to my previous post rather than repeating my thoughts on the subject: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/6086/P75/#194823
  15. It might also be a good idea for Double Fine to set up a dedicated twitter account just for stuff to do with the game, I'd imagine a lot of folks would find that useful...
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