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  1. It's just a poll in a forum board. I don't plan to use the results in any way, other than to quickly look through them now and then. I too think a serious survey among backers could be interesting. A couple of days after the Kickstarter campaign had ended, I've e-mailed Tim and suggested sending out a questionnaire to all the backers. It could have a lot of historical significance and I'm simply very curious who backed this project and why. Since no questionnaire was sent to the backers, I decided to start several polls on this forum. (Like what graphics people like, the location/gender/age of backers, what OS'es they use, why they backed the project, and so on.) Back then, in March, it was still possible to get about a thousand votes per poll. The sample size has dropped like a brick. Too many threads pushing away other threads, not enough boards, impossible to keep track of things. Still no changes in that department, after months. Probably one of the reasons some people left the forum. It is the reason why I'm going to leave the forum. I wish you all the best, I won't be back.
  2. Nostalgia plays an important role. However, several other things are also important, like the documentary. Both inXile Entertainment and Double Fine Productions developed several games in the 21st century. Tim, Ron and Brian are icons in the gaming industry and they've been quite active and visible in the 21st century. Some backers aren't into adventure games but played Psychonauts or Brütal Legend and want to see more stuff from Tim. For probably at least 1/3 of all DFA backers Tim's involvement was a very important (or the main) reason to pledge. Tim has fans from past and current generations, he has worked on games that were released decades ago and only several years ago.
  3. I have no idea what you are all talking about. It's like you're living in a different universe. Maybe it's because of that first reply, that it set the tone and people are used to +1 things. I mean, what the hell are you guys talking about? The poll asks how many adventure games you've played at least half-way through. That question is fine. And the answers are fine too, because they cover everything from 0 to over 400. Just because the poll asks you an additional question after you've picked a number (or range) doesn't make the poll meaningless or impossible to interpret. In fact, I did a fine job there. If you pick 1, you can pick one of the games by Tim and/or Ron or "another game". If you pick 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6-10, you can pick whether or not all these games were by Tim and/or Ron. If you pick 11-20, 21-30, 31-40 or 41-50, you can pick whether lots of these games are from Sierra, LucasArts, or both, or when non of these apply whether the games are mostly/all 2D, 3D, text, or a mix of those. If you pick 51-100, 101-200, 201-400 or over 400, you can pick whether the games are mostly 2D, 3D, text, or a mix of those. This poll is fine; not meaningless and especially not impossible to interpret.
  4. Looks cool and diverse. I wonder how difficult the game is, it might be too easy for me to really enjoy it. I may still want to buy and play it though, I wonder what platforms it will be available for.
  5. To clarify, by "lots of Sierra games", for example, I mean "lots of them were Sierra games". I've added that clarification to my first post in this thread.
  6. I've recently created this poll. The first (and currently only) two replies are stating that the results will be "meaningless and impossible to interpret". What do you think? Herewith another poll that may be "meaningless and impossible to interpret". :lol:
  7. Oh no... I'm about to go to bed and looked at it (because the warning is under the image, not above). It's already haunting me, I wonder if there are any remedies... I'll try some freewriting.
  8. So... about how many adventure games have you folks played at least half-way through? [Edit: To clarify, by "lots of Sierra games", for example, I mean "lots of them were Sierra games".]
  9. I'm not happy (s)he ignored what I wrote: I've reported his/her post.
  10. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/texmurphy/tex-murphy-project-fedora/posts/232882 New video, Aaron Conners discusses the story.
  11. They could cancel the project and restart it after a couple of weeks. (Like what Rob Swigart did when he canceled this and later restarted this.) They could first ask people, both backers and non-backers, to give them advise for the restart. The pitch video could include footage from their latest prototype, and maybe they shouldn't release the prototype. It would be wise for them to go into why they canceled the previous project and admit that they made mistakes. They also need to understand that not everyone has played the Space Quest games. I for one also want to know who will be in their team, besides them and voice actors. If that's the team, then they need to explain to potential backers why they believe they can pull it off. They can't just put on pig noses and act like they're drunk. They need to understand that they'll have to convince me and others to pay them money. They need to show artwork from Crowe, explain where they've been working, how good of a programmer Murphy is, and so on. Sure, their PR is terrible, but the other problem is that it's as if they didn't think they needed to convince people to pledge money. If they can't do these things, they need to ask someone else to do it for them.
  12. Anyone thinking "TL;DR"? I did. Here is a summary of OP's post: - - - - - Songs, movies and books aren't repetitive. Games are, because they are edited poorly; their "gameplay" is usually bad. Maybe because of stereotyping, gamers are seen as jobless/lazy. Or because games are too long, so ideas are being recycled. Games are (too) expensive, so players expect them to be long. Why aren't players demanding more satisfying experiences? - - - - -
  13. I hope Activision Blizzard will stop this Kickstarter project. A crappy video with mostly copied content. The website from the maker has no information about who is involved and was created only for this Kickstarter project. The same goes for the YouTube channel and Twitter account. Probably just some random moron who is looking for an easy way to make $40,000. Seriously, how can this even be legit? If that Luke Yost is an actual person, why isn't he in the video. Also, a legit documentary maker could never make such an awful pitch video. On the personal page of Luke Yost at Kickstarter it says the company has an impressive portfolio; lies. Domain registered via domainsbyproxy.com, no surprise there.
  14. Neh, it was all about the infinite possibilities, every backer had (has) his/her own ideas about the DFA. Concept art is tricky, even for Monkey Island. MI is a series; 2 and Curse were quite different in many ways and not all 2 fans are necessarily Curse fans, and vice versa (see, for example, this poll).
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