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  1. I think having less difficult pussles might make the game accessible to more people, but I also think the majority of the backers thinks a kit of pussles are essential for a good adventure game. And at the end of the day, you are making this game for the backers and the lovers of adventure games and not the general public.
  2. you never know when you need a green bottle in your inventory.
  3. Most of these games are available in english language. Only the new ones usually not (it usually takes a few months until that happens). Edna The Breakout (Edna Bricht Aus) is avaiable in english too. I think Harvey's New Eyes isn't yet (but not sure). I dont know about others, but I prefer games and movies in their original launguage with subtitles rather than dubbed versions. Sp d\when you say english language, you mean subtitles, or dubbed, or optional ?
  4. By the way, do they have english subtitles ?
  5. Cool. That sounds like a great way to refresh my german knowledge.
  6. In the pitch, Tim said adventure games only existed in our dreams and in Germany. Was this just a random joke, or are there lots of german adventure games out there ? And if so, are they any good ?
  7. Does you guys have any favourite voice actors ? I thought AJ Locascio was a great Marty in telltales bttf games. He is also a big fan of old school adventure games. Al Hillis as Palutena in Kid Icarus also did an awesome job. I think it would be funny if Tim himself voiced a character.
  8. For me. I think this might be it. Who agrees ? And if you dont agree, what was the best 15 $ you ever spent ? Share your stories !
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