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  1. Great sidequest with Khris! Like almost everything in the documentary part of DFA, it was very well done and gave a great appreciation of her and her work. I may not be super satisfied with Broken Age, but the 2PP stuff has been awesome all along. Keep up the great work!
  2. Very well written, and very close to my conclusion. Based on the kickstarter pitch, and the time spent in the documentary talking about good puzzles, I expected puzzles to be a core thing of what Tim was trying to bring back. I am very disappointed.
  3. I got completely stuck on how to get Gus off the branch. Played through all of Shay's story in between, walked around Meriloft trying everything, waited a week, and then got it in a minute when I started the game up again. Everything else was just a bit too obvious, sadly.
  4. It's beta so might consider holding back your expressions of "disappointment" until after the final release. Anyway, Steam does automatic updates. You will notice a short loading display, just like a cloud save or downloading a new game (only much quicker). Yeah. I apologise for my attitude. I completely understand that there are and will be bugs, and I'm quite fine with that. I was having a lot of fun playing, and finding out there would be no point in continuing until I found a secret patch to download somewhere is what made me disappointed, not the quality of the game. Edit: Thank you for the info about Steam being automatic. I thought that was how it was, but I couldn't find any info in Steam about it.
  5. Yes Bert, it probably is, and it seems to happen to a lot of us. Quite disappointing, really. However, would you please let us know what to do about it? How do we get this "latest patch" that you're mentioning in that thread? >"Sorry about that. If you were using a Vella save from before the latest patch, this would happen. This should no longer happen if you start a new game." IMO, this issue should be in the FAQ, with instructions for how to resolve, not just an acknowledgement and vague info about it being gone in some hidden update. Thanks for an otherwise beautiful game, though!
  6. I'm missing a general "shipping and other info" page. As the site is now, there's no way to find out if you even ship outside the US, or for example if you use postal services or one of the "premium" parcel services that cost extra and are great for companies but useless for individuals since they'll only deliver to your house between 9 AM and 4 PM, etc. I'm not saying it should have precisely those details, but at least some general info on if you ship outside the US would be good. I don't feel encouraged to go through an entire registration process just to find out you won't. If that info is somewhere, I'm afraid it's too hidden. (I've searched quite thoroughly to avoid the embarassment of being wrong in this post )
  7. Great update! As a software developer in a totally different field, i find these insights into game development really enlightening.
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