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  1. I guess you missed the news and ignored my link... It's out on GOG today and GOG staff say to ask DoubleFine if it's possible to get a key to backers. If the answer is no so be it but if we don't ask we'll not know
  2. Yes - keeps it all together in one place rather than having it spread all over.
  3. Hi guys, Thought I'd post in the backers only area with more detail on this one ... Although Steam is a nice distribution method having the DRM free stuff contained within my GOG account is helpful and for me preferred. Is there any chance that GOG keys could be provided to backers for our DRM free copies? JudasIscaiot over there said to poke you guys http://www.gog.com/forum/general/release_broken_age_season_pass/post3
  4. As a heads up for those who haven't seen yet www.gog.com now have the season pass for this ... On a related note any chance for backers to get a GOG key ?
  5. That was really interesting. I didn't realise how much trouble DoubleFine were in as a company.... To have gone from "sorry guys but we need to lay off a bunch of you if we are to have any chance at survival" to getting all that funding and essentially saving those employees... well to call it an emotional rollercoaster must be an understatement. Looking forward to the next episode 2PP!
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