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  1. If we're going for nitpicky - the Elvis lamp in future Ted's room has been redrawn with a black eye, which looks like a misinterpretation of the low resolution art in the original game. You can see in the concept art browser that the area surrounding each eye is meant to be about the same shade, and the lamp having a black eye doesn't really make any sense.
  2. GOLO Flakes is a pretty obscure in-joke, I mentioned it at release but still don't think I would have caught it in DOTT if I hadn't seen this thread!
  3. If there's one thing to be disappointed with in the remaster, it's this: And that's just the tip of the iceberg...
  4. The part of the article that contains that quote is only talking about the music sadly...
  5. Just wondering if the "point and click" mouse controls made it into the final PC version of GFR? I know it was experimented with during development, but there's no mention of it on the GOG or Steam product descriptions when it seems like the kind of "headline" new feature that would be. Maybe it proved too tricky to get it working well enough in every scene?
  6. I would be quite happy for every character in the game to be voiced by Allison.
  7. Trilby

    The Voice

    It's Stephen Stanton, who will be the narrator of Hong Kong Disneyland's "Mystic Manor" according to that page, so not far off!
  8. There did seem to be a cave painting in the knight's section that I couldn't reach with my characters (knight/hillbilly/time traveller) unless I was missing something!
  9. I came here to post this - either it's a bug or if intentional it's a really, really bad design choice. It's something you haven't had to do up until this puzzle so it's completely alien to the player. I spent over an hour knowing what the solution to the puzzle was but failing to actually do it for so long that I convinced myself that it wasn't the solution! It really should be possible to solve it by just standing in front of the boulder to prevent it rolling back to the middle.
  10. Best to check the graphics options if you're using a TV, for some reason it defaulted to 24hz on mine which looked pretty terrible until I changed it to 60hz!
  11. Please to be pressing button now Mr. Gilbert.
  12. It was actually counting down to 6pm GMT originally, so it's a 14 hour delay Not the end of the world of course, just a bit disappointing!
  13. Yep, it must be set to unlock at 11.59pm PST. I'm not sure what exactly is going to happen in the magical extra 14 hours though, apart from upsetting people who were excited about playing it today!
  14. Any official word on what's going on with the Steam release time?
  15. I'd love a regular show too, but one of the problems is that publishers (e.g. Sega for The Cave) wouldn't be quite as willing as DF to have the development process laid bare. I imagine that any and all future fan-funded projects will have associated videos though.
  16. Just in case anyone else runs into this - on Windows 8 I had to install the June 2010 DirectX runtime before Happy Song would work, it seems that the included redists didn't install everything that was needed. http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?displaylang=en&id=8109
  17. I'd also like to know this! Or if we give you one address now, will we be able to change it later?
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