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  1. Thank You for the free game!

  2. Thank You for the free game!

    Did you get Spacebase directly from Steam, or though Humble Bundle (be it a bundle, the store, or the widgets)? I got it through Humble Bundle. Apparently there's no way for Valve to distribute the gift to us as we didn't buy it through Steam. I emailed the DF support about it. Hopefully something can get worked out... I hope they can figure it out. It is not fair if we are left out.
  3. Thank You for the free game!

    Did you get Spacebase directly from Steam, or though Humble Bundle (be it a bundle, the store, or the widgets)? I got it through Humble Bundle.
  4. Thank You for the free game!

    Umm, I didn't get HnS for whatever reason. I had Spacebase a while ago. Isn't HnS just supposed to appear in my Steam Library? Or should I do something to get it? Edit: Oh, it seems Steam takes its sweat time. No biggie. Thanks for the game anyway.
  5. Spacebase DF-9 Release

    *shaking head* Oh Double Fine, you messed this up very much. I think this is a good game, but it will get an enormous ammount of negative feedback, and it will hurt sales badly.
  6. I know this is an old topic, but could you tell me who is the chief financial officer at Double Fine? I want to edit DF's wikipedia page by listing some prominent members, and this one is a mistery to me.
  7. What is this? I don't even.... How can you make up so much BS with a straight face? You were the one who said that we can not tell our opinions about this case, and we should leave the forum if we defend DF. And nobody from us said that we are happy with this. We are just not bringing the torches and pitchforkes, and we will have fun with Spacebase as it is.
  8. What? What stupid notion is this? I have just as much right to tell my opinion about this than the ones who bash DF. And I'm not pleased about the turn of events, but DF didn't betray anybody. They didn't promise that they can implement every feature on the feature list. They specifically said that because of the limit of time and resources, they probably won't be able implement all of them. And if the game will be a polished even though not as ambitous as promised, I will be happy. Damn, I spent 20 great hours with Banished, which was a great town management game. It had a solid core, intersting mechanics and nothing else. You could see what the game offers in a dozen hours, and it didn't provide anything new after that, because it had features missing. It was still a fun game, and it costs as much as Spacebase.
  9. I just said a number. Fine, they didn't spend millions of dollars on it. Maybe they just spent a couple 100K on it, but it doesn't change the fact that the invested time and money, built a game, why would they do this if they just wanted to scam the people? They could have made so much less with Spacebase, and they still got the money. And believe me, I know that they only gave out the Lua codes so the community can develop the game instead of them.
  10. No, I'm actually turning 31 in december. I just usually move in circles where we don't babysit crybaby gamers of today if they moan and cry over something. And believe me, I've been nice to you. To bad you ignored me and run away from the argument. Aaaanyho...if people watched the Broken Age documentary, they can see that DF is not in a good shape financially. There is no denying that they have management problems. I believe they wanted to make a great sim with Spacebase, but unfortunately if they ran out of money for this project, there is not much you can do. I don't believe for a second that they just wanted to scam people out of their money, and anyone who follows this company for a long time probably agrees with me. That's just tough luck on the business side. No money, no development. considering what Double Fine has put out recently I am skeptical, plus his managment with money is way to retarded for any regular person to just brush it off and go "OH YOU!". He knows where he lives and how much it costs yet he hasn't seem to come to the realization yet that what he is spending is to big, to much, or a complete waste. For a indie dev he really can not have a company his size and frankly his games are nowhere near making enough to support their size nor are they really showing the quality of a company that is as big as theirs either.But this is just it. They had the money with the intention of creating the game, but unfortunately they have management problems and ran out of funds. What you say is true, Tim should reasses the situation of the company and make changes if necessary. They are either too big, or living in an expensive enviroment.
  11. What can I say? DF is bad at managing money, that is obvious now. But don't compare a 2 person developer with DF, they have differenct cost requirements. Still, they used up their money, and they certainly didn't make this game just to get players out of their money.
  12. .... I CAN'T PROGRAM! HOW THE **** SHOULD I MAKE MODS FOR THIS GAME? Besides this: Releasing the full code means that EVERYONE WHO PAYED FOR THIS GAME HAS PAYED FOR SOMETHING THAT WILL NOW BE AVAILABLE FOR FREE AND WASTED HIS MONEY!!! Releasing the Lua codes doesn't mean that you get the whole game for free you idiot. Stop whining about things you don't have a clue about. Get some manners if you want to prove yourself smarter You are maybe right about the code, but you just proved yourself to be what you called me. I might have no manner, but at least I'm not flipping out, shouting on the internet, making up shit while I'm crying about the game. You are writing that Double Fine is lying to you, that LeBreton shouldn't fear DF, and tell us the real reason behind this move. And he is probably handled worse than us costumers. What are you talking about? What do you expect? That DF comes out in a statement and says "sorry, whe are in a very difficult financial positions and have to cut some features, and release the game" Because that is the truth, everybody should see that. But no company will make a statement like this. And believe me, Breton is not hurt at DF, he probably knows the positions the company is in, and understands what must be done. There are devs in the industry, whose project is cancelled before release, so I think Breton can live with this decision. How do you know that it was a cash grab? What makes you think that they did this on purpose as some sort of plot to steal your money and run away with it while cackling and twisting their mustaches? You have no idea what happened. You're just angry and saying hurtful things because you are angry on the internet. Well they decided to cancel the development without telling us a proper reason and this smells like money stuff to me. Emjay may be angry, but his point is right as long as nobody proves the opposite... See, you talk stupid things like this again. What is DF, the mafia, they steal the customers money and run away with it? I think if that was the case, they wouldn't have spent monts and millions of dollars in a project, before running away with the money, don't you think?