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  1. I'm wondering the opposite, how much isn't on the blu-ray and did you guys signify it, or will I have to compare between them? I think I might make my own discs for anything not on the official version.
  2. I still want copies of the Brutal Legend posters by Greg's desk, and all of the plushies, particularly the pocket Curtis.
  3. Absolutely release it to all, without restrictions and start doing so immediately.
  4. They have more than justified all the money I spent backing the project all on their own. I liked them so much I've gotten other things just for whatever it was 2PP was making videos for, e.g. Amnesia Fortnight, Mighty No. 9.
  5. I really feel like 'No bards!' should be in there somewhere, likely as the battle cry.
  6. Well he did say they played games at lunch. Either a D&D game, or other d20 game, but my money says it's an MtG life counter. Good point, at least one DFer has all sorts of Magic stuff on their desk.
  7. Brains in jars. Everybody loves Chukthar, Demon Brain. A demon brain in a jar would be less (physically) dangerous than a bound demon.
  8. Same here. I'm hoping I'm actually getting emails from DoubleFine. Even though I've added them to the Safe List, I don't think I've ever received an email from DoubleFine regularly. Even update emails seem to be sporadic. And me too, no response from support yet. I did get the MC update/teamstream announcement emails, not sure when the last one I got was though. They're definitely not on my blocked list and I always check and clear my spam folder regularly so that shouldn't be an issue.
  9. Did the emails for the actual submissions go out yet? As per the first question in the FAQ.
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