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  1. Soon the forum's voice will change and it will start growing hair in strange places.
  2. Europa

    I came into this thread to post that Prozzak song, but I see that I already did it. heh I'm funny.
  3. The Humble IGN Merger

    +1 But snarky cynicism aside, the thing that is truly sad about it is that this is a company that started as Humble Indie Bundle. HUMBLE. INDIE. And it really was both of those words. And it was for charity. Then it was successful and started growing into something else. People got sick of the constant bundles. It became its own store that sold the Call of Duties and the Skyrims. It wasn't even close to indie anymore. Now its assimilation into a major corporation (and a kinda lousy one at that) means its even less "indie" than ever and certainly a far cry from what the "humble" originally meant. It's watching something that was pure and good and real turn into Starbucks. I haven't purchased a bundle in ages, pretty much for the reason Cecil said (it's just backlog fodder); but I am still sad to see a pure/wholesome thing get swallowed by the capitalist machine.
  4. I downloaded and tried out Snake Pass last night. Verdict: It's definitely very interesting and very original, and I will definitely continue to play mostly out of novelty/curiosity, but a few things seem more unnecessarily frustrating or annoying than they really ought to be. The camera is a real antagonist in the game, often adjusting itself when the player doesn't want it to. The snake's head seems to move relative to the camera in the default control scheme, which makes this even more of a problem. The camera also has a knack for giving you a view of a wall. A smarter camera and/or the ability to lock the camera angle would help. Coiling yourself tightly around poles seems more frustrating than it needs to be simply because the "grip" ability (which causes the snake to tense up and coil tightly instead of coiling loose/limp) causes the snake to STOP completely, which is frustrating because in order to both coil tightly AND keep coiling forward, you essentially have to tap the grip button while also managing the careful tapping of the head raise/lower button. If you are using the default control scheme, you also have to manage the tapping of the "move forward" button as well. This is way too many buttons doing too many things simultaneously. If the "grip" button merely significantly slowed the snake while also gripping tightly, this would be much more satisfying and less frustrating. Finally, Doodle needs to shut up. I think we have finally met a flying "helper" friend who deserves more scorn than Navi. The fact that you have to listen to all of Doodle's lectures every time you replay a level to try and get coins you missed makes it even worse. (And there is no way to skip or speed through dialogue, which is even more torturous.) Doodle also likes to continuously give you level 1 tutorial tips when you are in world 5 and have the hang of it now. Really, it's like Navi times ten. BUT ALL OF THESE ANNOYANCES ASIDE, it is a very clever and original game. Controlling the snake is a unique and fun experience, and when you are able to successfully make the snake slither up a mess of bamboo poles to reach a high platform, it feels like an accomplishment. Furthermore, slithering out onto a mess of bamboo poles hanging over a gap feels tremendously dangerous and is terrifying and challenging to manage. I'm trying my best to enjoy the good things about Snake Pass while dealing with the annoyances, but if those things were addressed in a Snake Pass 2, I could see the game being something really truly special. /^\/^\ _|__| O| \/ /~ \_/ \ \____|__________/ \ \_______ \ `\ \ \ | | \ / / \ / / \\ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / _----_ \ \ / / _-~ ~-_ | | ( ( _-~ _--_ ~-_ _/ | \ ~-____-~ _-~ ~-_ ~-_-~ / ~-_ _-~ ~-_ _-~ ~--______-~ ~-___-~
  5. Golf Story was fantastic
  6. It sounds like SEGA possibly didn't inform the developers of the game that they were doing that either, or else did it against their wishes, which is interesting.
  7. lol, speaking of which I landed the coolest combo in mario+rabbids over lunch. I had already moved both mario and luigi and finished their turns by putting them on overwatch. Mario was near the enemy front line and luigi was hanging further back using a sniper rifle. Both of their guns had the bounce special effect with like a 30% chance to activate. Well, when it became the enemy's turn, the first enemy took one step toward mario while behind his cover, which put him in Mario's LOS with a 50% chance to hit. So Mario auto-fired at him for a successful hit AND successfully triggered the bounce effect, so the enemy took damage and popped into the air. Since he was airborne, he was no longer behind cover, which put him in Luigi's LOS, so Luigi auto-sniped him in mid-air from way across the field AND his bounce effect triggered, so the shot launched the enemy through the air, across the field, and out of bounds for an insta-kill! Mario served it up and Luigi spiked it!!! That got a genuine maniacal laugh out of me.
  8. Half-Life 3 is out....sorta

    I pretty much knew "Old Valve" was dead the week that all of their writers quit. That pretty much says it all.
  9. Half-Life 3 is out....sorta

    I think the Half-Life story is great; it's just a question of ON WHAT MERITS you are arguing it is good/bad. There are certain ways you could say the story is nothing special, but in other ways it's stellar. I'm kinda pissed at Valve just because they used to be so damn impressive, but anymore they're just video games Wal-Mart. It makes me sad to see the creator of such achievements as HL2 and Portal (though technically they mostly FACILITATED portal) become a company that basically just does DOTA. Doubly so because my intense love of the former two things is only surpassed by my intense lack of interest in DOTA or basically any e-sports really. To me, this is like watching the Sci-Fi channel turn into ESPN, and instead of my fellow nerds being horrified, most of them think it's great. (But that is another topic altogether.)
  10. I played Slime Rancher. It's a really nice and relaxing game and I put a lot of hours into it, but the more you play it, the more you start to become conscious of the fact that it's basically just a really really really fancy clicker game. Once you unlock all upgrades there isn't really much left to do. I like that they kept updating it and adding more areas, but I found the late game areas they added to be too labyrinthine and frustrating to navigate. But on the whole it's a very pleasant game and relaxing game and I don't regret buying it at all. So Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle is pretty cool. First boss difficulty spike is too steep, but otherwise really enjoying it. It definitely has those X-COM mechanics of full cover and half cover and yadda yadda, but kingdom battle keeps it pretty simple cuz the chance to hit is always 0%, 50%, or 100%. Period. But also if you try to play the game like X-COM and be super cautious, hunkering down behind cover, creeping forward, etc, you'll get owned. Cuz kingdom battle focuses much more on movement, flyby attacks, using ally positions as nodes to chain together movement range extenders, using pipes to warp across the battlefield for a flank, etc. I mean, slidekicking an enemy as you run past them is a free action and has no penalty on your movement range, so if it's your turn, and an enemy is in range for a slidekick, and you DON'T use it, then wtf are you even doing? In other words, if you play too cautiously, enemies move like crazy and will just flank you for 100% chance to hit / 100% damage, so keep moving around like crazy to counteract the enemies' crazy movements. You can work out some cool combos. During a game last night, it was Mario's turn, so I used him to exit cover, run up to a weakened enemy and slidekick him for a KO, then run to an ally and use them to throw Mario across the battlefield in range of a second enemy, where Mario then took cover, fired the shot, scored the hit---all in one turn! Ended the turn by putting Mario on Overwatch, so as soon as the enemy moved on his turn, Mario auto-shot him to win the match. I only just now unlocked the skill tree and am looking forward to unlocking more abilities. Apparently there are also sidearms/secondary weapons of some kind? I haven't unlocked those yet, but curious to see what that's all about. (For one example of a skill unlocked on the skill tree, one of mario's first unlocks is an ability where he can jump off an ally's head, then land on an enemy's head for melee dmg. Requires jumping off an ally first though. This is a free action, so Mario still gets to fire a shot after landing.) I also like that it allows you to freely change your loadout and party lineup between battles and/or at the start of every battle. There isn't really much to do there in the early game, but as you progress and unlock new weapons, new skills, and new party members with their own unique pros/cons, it's nice to be able to survey the battlefield and choose which tools you'd like to deploy. The game really respects your time, and I like when a game does that. The only real complaint I have about it so far is the same complaint I had about Steamworld Heist, i.e. when you move a character on the battle map, there is no way to cancel it, so if you make a mistake while moving and accidentally click on the wrong space, you just have to live with it.
  11. I'm sorry I didn't like Uncharted, but I still love Tiny Dust.
  12. I tried to pick up where I left off playing Uncharted 3, after having put it down for like 2 years, and I immediately stopped playing it again, because it was actually very bad. I don't think I'm gonna finish it. I still haven't taken 4 out of the wrap, lol. Maybe I'll just sell it, I dunno, I don't have much interest. I like the characters and adventure, but as games I find them pretty clunky for AAA tier.
  13. I'm gonna celebrate the XCOM expansion by immediately forgetting about it and playing something better.
  14. Half-Life 3 is out....sorta

    The plot of Half-Life was never really anything to write home about, sure. (Especially not HL1, but HL2+Eps was much more interesting.) But the plot of Psychonauts isn't necessarily anything to write home about either. We're not talking about War & Peace levels of complexity here. It's just macguffins on top of macguffins on top of macguffins when it comes to video games. But both games are leaders and role models in the industry for demonstrating that, especially where macguffin-heavy video games are concerned, the strength of the writing is CHARACTER-CENTRIC. And both games have extremely memorable characters with distinctive personalities, voices, and mannerisms. (And let's face it, the quality of voice acting/directing is way above average.) Ones that you actually ENJOY watching instead of just pressing X to skip through. In other words, for video game writing, you don't have to be War & Peace. It's sufficient to just be Clerks. If the character delivery is strong enough, then what actually happens in the game (i.e. plot) doesn't really matter all that much. I think that was kinda the whole point of Thomas Was Alone. There are other positive things I could say about the HL2 series that helped it feel more storyful, but characters is a big one.
  15. goodbyyyyye hot! fly! fly back to hotopia!!!! you are free now!!!!!