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  1. It sure is. I can't wait.
  2. *karate stance* I only ever seem to encounter people who think TP or WW are teh best zeldas, which gets frustrating to me as an OoT / LTTP person who "knows better". ;-) ;-) ;-)
  3. It sounds like whoever you were describing in your first paragraph just didn't know their Zelda ass from their Zelda elbow and should just be disregarded as a scrub. I've personally never heard anyone criticize TP of being "unoriginal" so I don't really know where that is coming from. I thought TP was just fine. But I thought OoT was great. It has nothing to do with "which one is more original" so I really have nothing to say on that subject.
  4. lol, re: The Signal From Tolva This is one of the most hilarious and chummy interviews about an upcoming game I've ever read.
  5. oh man, putting figments on the race course was so cruel why, df why
  6. Gravity Rush 2: So it turns out Gravity Rush 2 has photography in it. And if game mechanics were like elemental attack types, I take triple damage from games with photography in them. I've probably got 30 hours-ish in the game already, and probably 5 of that has been dedicated to actually playing the game. The rest has been flying around, collecting doo dads, and taking pictures of myself in different places, poses, outfits, filters. Then I upload them to the internet, and if people give my photo likes, it gives me kitty cat points, and if I get enough kitty cat points, it unlocks even more outfits, poses, and filters. So like... basically Gravity Rush 2 has IN-GAME GAMIFIED INSTAGRAM in it. And so that's basically all I'm about. Also, free DLC campaign with a different character? Good deal. Horizon Zero Dawn: Oh man, I got so preoccupied with experimenting with elemental damage that I almost forgot how damn useful the ropecaster can be. Finally also realized how useful the tinkerer skill can be. Going up against a machine weak to fire? >fills all slots with fire buffs< Now a machine weak to electric comes over the hill? >removes all fire buffs and replaces them with elec buffs< Also, shadow sharpshooter bow with 3x +50% direct damage buffs is bruuuuutal. If my aim is good, I can basically KO a bellowback in three shots. NICE. Took down my first stormbird. Two actually. God damn those things are vicious. Thank you max-health potions! But as much as they suck, they still don't suck quite as much as rock breakers. I, uh.... I found the two corrupted rock breakers.... AND IMMEDIATELY NOPED THE F*** OUT OF THERE. Overriding a trampler and watching it fight an entire herd of other tramplers never gets old. EXPLOSIONS EVERYWHERE. Two minor things I've decided I don't understand about HZD: 1) Why the f*** is camera control disabled in photo mode in Daytower and Meridian? WHY?! WHY?! 2) How's come sometimes you can fight two of a particular machine AND scan them, but they still don't show up in your notebook as a machine you've encountered / learned about. Then at some point you do a mission where you are supposed to fight one and Aloy is all like "oh boy, this new machine looks like a challenge" and I'm like, girl, we already killed two of these things, relax. And THEN it gets added to the notebook. SIGH at Aloy's "gated learning", guerilla games.
  7. I will never understand you BoI people.
  8. If you've never seen Jackie Chan's The Legend of Drunken Master, it is an absolute must-watch. Make sure that what you're checking out, though, is THE LEGEND OF drunken master (1994) starring Jackie Chan. Not just "Drunken Master" (1974) starring Jackie Chan. 90s one = f***ing rad 70s one = yaaaawn
  9. In some more positive news: The Signal From Tolva is now officially up on Steam for wishlisting and has an official release date in April! I mean, I'm probably still gonna be playing HZD, Gravity Rush, and Zelda all the way through July, but I am totally gonna buy this at some point!
  10. I'm getting close to the end of HZD and I kinda feel like things are starting to get a little more weak toward the end. The storybeats and narrative structure of the game were a lot more interesting in the first half, but once you reach meridian I feel like it becomes much more of a typical AAA game where it's like "here's a sh**load of icons on a map, go to each of them and do a thing". But I'm still enjoying it and it's still one of the best games I've played in a long time. Such great enemy design. Combat and traversal is very satisfying. I did take a break this weekend for Gravity Rush 2, though, which I thought was gonna be a quick breather, but I played it all day on Sunday. =P
  11. I've only fought one thunderjaw so far, but had a pretty easy time with it. Admittedly, I cheesed it somewhat, lol. But yeah, step one is to immediately peg it in the disc launchers with two of those explodey AoE arrows to disable a bunch of its attacks. It started charging me and laser gunning at me after that, but there was a rock nearby that was very tall but small enough in circumference that I could keep kiting him around it. He's a large enough target that I could hit him around/over it, but he kept getting obstructed by it if he tried to charge or laser. BLAST SLING, BLAST SLING, BLAST SLING. Especially if you've got sticky bombs.
  12. Yo Gravity Rush 2 is pretty fantastic. It has kind of a tedious beginning, but once it actually gives you your gravity powers and drops you in the city, it's off to the races!
  13. TWO??!?! CORRUPTED?!?! Well. F**k. lol. *straps on shadow-level melee buff armor with triple melee-buff mods* Here we go...
  14. Horizon Zero Dawn. I just encountered a new robot. I think it's the only one like it. I hope it's the only one like it....? I'm talking about omg that thing f***ked me up hard. Ow. Ooowwww.
  15. Might not be a bad idea. Even though it sounds like the joy-con issue is rare or circumstantial, apparently Nintendo has already fixed the issue at the manufacturing level so more recently-built switches have the fix. But wouldn't hurt to hold out for more info/updates on other things, too. Software updates, more info re: My Nintendo, more info re: virtual consoles, etc. OH, and in case anyone hasn't heard. Word on the street is that Nintendo is making moves that suggest a full 3D pokemon game may be coming to the switch. Enjoy it while it lasts, Zelda. Another console-mover looms.