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  1. Both Psychonauts and BL are incredible and haters can fight me. *flex* I enjoyed Edith Finch a lot from a VISUAL ART and from a DIRECTION perspective. The game has incredible art and wonderfully directed sequences. All of its accolades are for "story" though, which I don't think is quite right. The story wasn't bad by any means, but it was also kind of unremarkable in a lot of ways. Including that much of the story was delivered in the tired old "audio log" or "scattered notebook pages" manner, and what is so remarkable about a game using the same bad practices as every other game? Where Edith Finch excels is the fantastic visual art and the fantastic direction of each sequence where you see one of the Finch's final moments right before their death. It is a very visually creative game and it is has very creative DELIVERY during those "death sequences". Maybe I am being persnickety and splitting hairs, but those aren't really the same thing as good story to me. For comparison, the Jumanji reboot just hit theatres and the reviews I've read indicate that the cast is hilarious and they really carry the movie because the story and the directing are terrible. I feel like a lot of times in games you don't see that kind of nuanced review on narrative where you can comment on the different aspects of it. Games at this point are just so chuffed as nuts to have anything that resembles a non-dumb non-puerile story that they would say, well, the cast was great so.... 10/10, INCREDIBLE STORY, GOTY. In other words: Edith Finch was pretty cool for a lot of reasons, and some of those reasons were very "story adjacent", but I'm not convinced that the actual on-paper story was the thing that was great about it. To me Edith Finch was like taking a very mediocre story and then giving it to Guillermo Del Toro. You're gonna get something amazing out of that, but the underlying story won't be the reason.
  2. OMG THOSE GAMES ARE SOOOOO GOOD AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH Like, they START pretty good, but especially once you get to episode 3 shit gets real The constantly-shifting art style is sorta weird but sorta cool...? I also prefer to play them with the VO turned off because the VO is not very good imo The writing is very good. I plowed through that whole series in a single weekend. Could not stop once I hit ep 3.
  3. The Double Fine Group Of Doubly Fine Writings

    It's not a question of whether people can "handle it" as much as it is a question of whether it is appropriate for this forum/community. Keep in mind that the DF community is (or tries to be as much as possible) a NICE place and a SAFE place. Certain depictions of graphic violence, depending on what they depict and how extreme they are, could potentially be either offensive or upsetting to people who have suffered through certain types of experiences. Please be careful and considerate To be absolutely safe, I might recommend putting it behind spoiler tags and including warnings about the content.
  4. oh hey, I remember posting walls of text in this thread
  5. Oh, I sold back FBW and Dying Light. I picked up Dead Island and Mario Odyssey. Dead Island is as good a time waster as ever, and as much as I have to say that Dying Light is a huge improvement and is much more impressive from a gameplay and technical standpoint.... I still kind of like Dead Island better....? It's just a lot more campy (whereas DL takes itself seriously) and for a zombie game I think I have a lot more appreciation for a gameplay style that is very slow, careful, and deliberate. DL focuses much more on running up walls like a ninja. DL also has a lot more arbitrary spawns whereas Dead Island is a lot better about just covering the island in zombies and letting those be the zombies. I dont' much care for DL's pulling zombies out of thin air because you said "yes" to an NPC even though those zombies weren't here five minutes ago. But anywho, that's not what's important. Mario Odyssey is important. It's the only thing that's important. Why are you reading this instead of playing Mario Odyssey? Stop it.
  6. I'm going to wait to hop back into FBW for a week and see if they put out a patch sometime this week. Also MARIO ODYSSEY IS OUT SOON, so there will be that. I have entertainment aplenty. I spent $60 on FBW and $20 on Dying Light and I actually spent my entire weekend doing nothing but playing Dying Light. There are one or two aspects that I could gripe about, but for the most part it is very enjoyable. I'm only playing in single player, but I assume the multi must be a good time. Well, the co-op anyway. I wouldn't really be interested in the "invasions" element. It's actually making me want to repurchase Dead Island, as I never got to finish it before my 360 kicked the bucket.
  7. Fractured But Whole continues to have tons of bugs for me. Most of them are just weird audio bugs, but the unforgiveable one basically locks the game and forces you to reload a checkpoint. That's happened to me about four times in two days of playing, so I think I'm gonna shelf the game until they patch it cuz it's kinda getting on my nerves. All of the uplay / ubisoft club crap is really unfortunate, too. I swear if ubisoft does.... WHAT UBISOFT ALWAYS DOES... to BG&E then I quit this universe. Dying Light is great so far, though. I hear it gets stupidly frustrating later, but we'll see.
  8. I just started playing it last night and I agree with most of what's being said on two fronts: 1) Combat and gameplay elements are way better, as are the other systems, such as the phone w/ apps UI. 2) The game handles diversity way better than any other game has ever done, even if they are doing it in a very sardonic sorta of way. They are at least demonstrating that, actually, yes you CAN take care of all these demographics, if you really care to. What I'm NOT so sure about so far is whether the game is actually that funny. I've encountered a few moments here and there that got a chuckle out of me. The part where the rednecks jump out of the truck and attack me for saying I'm gender-neutral was pretty funny. But I feel like a lot of the humor I have seen so far falls into three categories: 1) Remember this joke from the first game? 2) Remember this joke from the show? 3) Poop, pee, farts, butts, boogers. I'm hoping the humor freshens up a little bit. I'm not very far into it yet. I think I played for maybe an hour or two last night, but so far the humor is feeling a little bit recycled / phoned in. I'll be diving in more this weekend and hope to find some good stuff. Side note: I also picked up Dying Light.
  9. The Humble IGN Merger

    It is, at the very least, bad optics for the HIB brand.
  10. Yes. If this forum ever commits murder, you'll be some damning evidence.
  11. Soon the forum's voice will change and it will start growing hair in strange places.
  12. Europa

    I came into this thread to post that Prozzak song, but I see that I already did it. heh I'm funny.
  13. The Humble IGN Merger

    +1 But snarky cynicism aside, the thing that is truly sad about it is that this is a company that started as Humble Indie Bundle. HUMBLE. INDIE. And it really was both of those words. And it was for charity. Then it was successful and started growing into something else. People got sick of the constant bundles. It became its own store that sold the Call of Duties and the Skyrims. It wasn't even close to indie anymore. Now its assimilation into a major corporation (and a kinda lousy one at that) means its even less "indie" than ever and certainly a far cry from what the "humble" originally meant. It's watching something that was pure and good and real turn into Starbucks. I haven't purchased a bundle in ages, pretty much for the reason Cecil said (it's just backlog fodder); but I am still sad to see a pure/wholesome thing get swallowed by the capitalist machine.
  14. I downloaded and tried out Snake Pass last night. Verdict: It's definitely very interesting and very original, and I will definitely continue to play mostly out of novelty/curiosity, but a few things seem more unnecessarily frustrating or annoying than they really ought to be. The camera is a real antagonist in the game, often adjusting itself when the player doesn't want it to. The snake's head seems to move relative to the camera in the default control scheme, which makes this even more of a problem. The camera also has a knack for giving you a view of a wall. A smarter camera and/or the ability to lock the camera angle would help. Coiling yourself tightly around poles seems more frustrating than it needs to be simply because the "grip" ability (which causes the snake to tense up and coil tightly instead of coiling loose/limp) causes the snake to STOP completely, which is frustrating because in order to both coil tightly AND keep coiling forward, you essentially have to tap the grip button while also managing the careful tapping of the head raise/lower button. If you are using the default control scheme, you also have to manage the tapping of the "move forward" button as well. This is way too many buttons doing too many things simultaneously. If the "grip" button merely significantly slowed the snake while also gripping tightly, this would be much more satisfying and less frustrating. Finally, Doodle needs to shut up. I think we have finally met a flying "helper" friend who deserves more scorn than Navi. The fact that you have to listen to all of Doodle's lectures every time you replay a level to try and get coins you missed makes it even worse. (And there is no way to skip or speed through dialogue, which is even more torturous.) Doodle also likes to continuously give you level 1 tutorial tips when you are in world 5 and have the hang of it now. Really, it's like Navi times ten. BUT ALL OF THESE ANNOYANCES ASIDE, it is a very clever and original game. Controlling the snake is a unique and fun experience, and when you are able to successfully make the snake slither up a mess of bamboo poles to reach a high platform, it feels like an accomplishment. Furthermore, slithering out onto a mess of bamboo poles hanging over a gap feels tremendously dangerous and is terrifying and challenging to manage. I'm trying my best to enjoy the good things about Snake Pass while dealing with the annoyances, but if those things were addressed in a Snake Pass 2, I could see the game being something really truly special. /^\/^\ _|__| O| \/ /~ \_/ \ \____|__________/ \ \_______ \ `\ \ \ | | \ / / \ / / \\ / / \ \ / / \ \ / / _----_ \ \ / / _-~ ~-_ | | ( ( _-~ _--_ ~-_ _/ | \ ~-____-~ _-~ ~-_ ~-_-~ / ~-_ _-~ ~-_ _-~ ~--______-~ ~-___-~