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  1. I have probably played more Fallout 3 than is healthy. I think I played it for like 2 years solid. lulz
  2. Yeah, I mean, it's pretty much just a game of clear the map / beat all the levels. But you have a lot of agency in terms of not having to take on a level until you're ready or deciding how much risk/reward you want to wager with the difficulty/spoils options before you dive into a level. You also get to customize your team and their loadout, so there are plenty of options there, too. There are some pretty good variations on the encounter designs, too. Sometimes it's just a Worms style deathmatch, but other times you may have to explore the enemy ship to locate and destroy generators, or there may be unique enemies or challenges hiding on board. I played a really challenging map last night where the evacuation point was in the first room right next to the entrance. The ship extended far to the right and was full of enemies and numerous lootboxes. As soon as you enter the level a countdown starts which raises the number and difficulty of fresh enemies dropped into the level each round. So the challenge is to run as deep into the ship as you can, grab as many lootboxes as you want to risk going for, and make it back to the evacuation point without anyone dying. But since the enemy count and difficulty are gradually rising the whole time, it makes things tricky! It's a sort of "press your luck" type of level. It's the only level where I haven't collected 100% of lootboxes so far. I'll have to come back to it. One thing that's really growing on me the more I play is that you can ricochet your bullets off of walls and objects for banked shots. So if an enemy robot is hiding behind cover, you can sometimes ricochet your bullets off the ceiling or something to get behind his cover. It is especially nice when you can ricochet off of 2 or 3 surfaces in a row to hit someone. The enemies are a mixture of incredibly dumb and very smart. Just like in Worms, they will blow themselves up with their own grenade on their first turn, then on their second turn they will pull off some incredible ricochet shot that owns you.
  3. Gaaaah, okay, the early levels are easy, but it definitely gets really hard after a while. I'm gonna have to grind some levels before taking on this first boss, cuz damn. Edit: oops, realized I had difficulty set to "veteran" and forgot to turn it back down .... that probably explains why I got spanked....
  4. I like some elements of X-COM. It's too bad the parts that I hate ruin it. =P For example, the new Shadowrunner games also use a very X-COM style combat system, and I really enjoy those games.
  5. You examine a space map on your ship that displays all the levels on the map. Think of it sort of like the Super Mario World map (but in spaaaaace!) where each level is a node on the map. Sometimes the map proceeds in a linear fashion, but sometimes it branches off so there are side paths to clear. Some paths aren't accessible at first because some content is only available if you have sufficient "reputation" (which is a cumulative score determined by your best score on each individual level). Some nodes on the map are special, such as bars, stores, or challenge missions. Characters can be recruited at bars (though these are Characters with a capital C so there are a limited number to recruit). Each character has a unique class or combat style. The more characters participate in combat, the more they level up, improve their stats, unlock new skills (some very nice passives!), etc. Loot is awarded at the end of each level and the amount of loot you collect is determined by how many lootboxes you picked up in the course of a level. (It is usually pretty easy to get them all, though I can see how it would be difficult to get them all in later levels or at higher difficulties.) Commonly loot is just currency, but you may also get common weapons, sidearms, and occasionally a rare equip, which are almost always very nice! The rare equips usually have some unique combat attributes to them other than just having high stats, so it's exciting to get one. (for example: common medpacks use your turn if used in combat, but a special rare drop medpack lets you heal as a free action.) You can go back and replay previous missions as many times as you want to try and improve your score (to improve your "reputation") and also to grind some XP, money, and loot drops. You can also adjust the difficulty before every level, so if you replay previous levels with higher difficulty, you get better XP (and it seems to even improve loot drops). The levels are randomly generated each time, so replaying old levels isn't the same strategy every time. Levels usually also limit how many crew you can bring (usually just 2 or 3), so you'll be bringing different combat styles to the fight each time too, if you're trying to keep your crew around the same level. There is no pemadeath when characters fall in combat, but there is a penalty. I'm playing on the default "experienced" difficulty. If even one character dies in combat, I lose 50% of my money. Enemy count, defense, and offense are ranked as 3 stars. But if you are one of those X-COM masochists (wink wink), you can set the difficulty up to maximum, and I think on the highest difficulty losing a single party member in combat results in losing 50% of your money, while enemy defense and offense are 5 stars and enemy count is 6 stars iirc. That enemy count could be really brutal, because there are missions where an alarm or timer will be triggered that summons gun turrets and causes fresh baddies to spawn into the level every round, when you may already be weakened from the regular fight. That could be brutal on high difficulty.
  6. I really love botw, but I do kinda miss the old formula as well. I got kinda burnt out on botw after a while to be honest. I spent too much time doing nothing but hunting koroks and bored myself when I should have just stuck to knocking out actual quests. On a more general note, since we're here in ye olde Nintendo thread, here's my list of Switch games to purchase (or consider purchasing) in the coming months: 2017: Mario+Rabbids (august) Mario Oddyssey (October) Steamworld Dig 2 (summer/fall) Rime (summer/fall) Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (holiday) Snake Pass (already out) Thumper (already out) Wonder Boy (already out) The Fall 2: Unbound (TBD) Monster Boy & The Cursed Kingdom (TBD) Rayman Legends (TBD) Runner 3 (TBD) Seasons of Heaven (TBD) 2018: Lost Sphear
  7. I almost forgot that I finally purchased Steamworld Heist, and man I should have bought this a long time ago. Way more fun than I was expecting! It's basically got the turn-based "X-COM style" combat that you're familiar with---i.e. running to cover points, two actions points per turn, etc. Only in this game it's on a vertical 2D plane. But the thing that makes it most fun is that, unlike X-COM where your hit/miss is calculated, in this game it is all up to your own skill. You actually have to aim your guns manually and toss your grenades manually. If you're really good, you can brutalize the opposition. If you suck, then you're gonna have a bad time. (Although it's true that some guns---such as the shotguns and uzis---can be less accurate due to spread/spray, naturally.) In other words, the game is basically like a hybrid of X-COM and Worms. I'm having a great time!
  8. Another valid question is "why would this bother someone so much?" Re: spinoffs You could technically do that, but that could also be seen as a way of being dismissive. It's like, you don't get to play real football, you only get to play "powderpuff football" and so on. There is value to letting women have a role in the real, main form of whatever the thing is instead of sequestering them off to the side in their own "girl version" that men can dismiss as powderpuff.
  9. I picked up Shephy for five bucks on the Switch and was hoping for more of a strategy game maybe more similar to a traditional solitaire game. And it *is* a solo game. But I think I actually really dislike it, unfortunately. We all know at this point that I am quick to loathe any game that requires too much praying to RNGesus and Shephy is a game where you can literally lose the game with the starting hand you are dealt, so you might as well just reshuffle. I just... I don't get it. Why do people want to play things like that? I will never understand.
  10. lol the olson twins are like 35 now.
  11. I understand you wanting to post things here, bookers. You hang out here a lot and probably feel comfortable here and probably (I'm assuming?) feel relatively safe sharing with one or more people in the community. But it is still the internet and welcomes the worst of the internet peanut gallery to criticize or joke about things that for you are very serious. It just might not be the best place for that kind of venting. At least not in the 100% open and public part. I wouldn't want you to feel like you can't be friends/familiar with your DFAF homies, but I'd also hate for you to invite a bunch of internet foxes into your emotional hen house, ya know?
  12. I started replaying Recettear again this weekend. I don't know how I did it, but the first time I beat it six or seven years ago, I cleared the entire campaign without ever having to start over. How the eff did I do that? o_O Things aren't going that well this time, lol
  13. Do you think his daughter is half succubus?