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  1. According to Gamasutra, Erik Wolpaw has departed from Valve. So Valve has lost both Laidlaw and Wolpaw in the last year. On the plus side, that frees up Wolpaw to focus entirely on Psychonauts 2.
  2. I found a twitch streamer who basically does ASMR streams (though I don't think she knows that's what she's doing lulz) and now that's all I listen to when I'm going to bed. Video games me to sleep, whispery nerd person.
  3. I enjoyed obduction, but I can't lie: those redonkulous load times were a huge drag and kinda spoiled the experience for me. I might have felt it was a great game, but that really took it down to just "decent" for me.
  4. Welcome to the witness! That's sort of supposed to happen, though. If you walk around the island and try some of the other puzzles, a lot of times you'll find some area where the puzzles inside teach you the secret rule you're missing, and then you can take that with you and apply it to other puzzles elsewhere. The real cool thing with The Witness is how he made line puzzles associated with the regular environment. The real failure of The Witness is J Blo going way too hard on the straight up grid puzzles.
  5. It's too bad that the game forgets about the awesome Myst-esque parts and basically DOES turn into just a series of maze puzzles. But 95% of the game is a smorgasbord of delights.
  6. Now that Flynn is out, we only have the rest of his cabinet, him, and a distorted view of American idealism left to go.
  7. I'm watching a lot of twitch streams lately. I was watching one person I follow play Fallout 4 earlier tonight. It's the first time she's ever played a Fallout game (but she has played Elder Scrolls) and there are some really hilarious moments. Including this beautiful moment. This clip makes me laugh and laugh every time I watch it, lolololol
  8. is it a joke about how you want all of us to stab you?
  9. I think the point isn't just to add the fee but also to change the submission/approval process altogether since greenlight has had kinda meh results. There are some people who are super into it, but generally speaking it hasn't proven to be the solution. Plus, more digital distribution platforms are entering the space all the time, and consoles are doing digital now as well, so it's not really the same place it was when steam first started violently shaking the games market. Even major consoles are looking for indie titles these days. In other words, if indie games don't make it onto steam, there are still many more avenues available than there were 10 years ago. I think the idea is that they are not going to have anything like the community voting process at all. Instead it will just be an application plus a fee. If you submit the application and fee, and if the software you submit is actually a game and not malware or whatever, then you more or less automatically get approved. The fee will probably be more than $100 because I think it is intended to be a prohibitive fee. It's just that they want it to be prohibitive but not TOO prohibitive. They have to figure out what they think that magic number will be.
  10. I made this drawing of what my story arcs usually look like:
  11. I think there are other markets that will still allow indies to get their games out there. It seems like is gaining visibility all the time. But you're right that people will b**ch about Steam no matter what they do. First they don't let enough people onto Steam and it isn't fair. Then they let more people on but they are accused of choosing who lives and who dies. Then they do Steam greenlight and they are accused of "opening the flood gates". Now they're letting JUST ANYONE on Steam. Then they say, okay, you don't like closed, you don't like open, so we're going to close the flood gates a little bit so they are just halfway open. Now people are gonna be like, wait, but that means so-and-so will get through but me and/or developer-that-I-like won't get through! Typical Steam fascism!
  12. Steam is getting rid of its Greenlight program and replacing it with a new system called "Steam Direct". The most significant change is that you will now have to pay an application fee to get published on Steam. They haven't decided how much the fee will be yet. Only that it could be anywhere between $100 to $5,000. I think the idea is to find a number that is sort of the sweet spot that will still allow anyone who is actually serious to get more or less easily published on Steam while deterring or blocking those people who are filling Steam with half-assed garbage. (I have noticed complaints about the influx of garbage has been going up among users.)
  13. The fact is that people don't really go to the theatre anymore as much as they did in the 70s to the 90s. Attendance has been gradually going down so box office profits are kinda dismal. It used to be that you could make a movie with just about any kind of story and it would make some kind of money, but young people are more likely to stay home and watch Netflix or Hulu than they are to go out. But people are more likely to go to the theatre if it's a major event cashing in on a property that already has a huge following or significant cultural clout. Don't expect that to change any time soon, because stuff like Netflix isn't going away. Hollywood is going to be nothing but Marvel, Star Wars, adaptations, reboots, and remakes for the foreseeable future. The only place where there is still originality is Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks in children's movies. All the truly original stuff will be Netflix originals etc. Stuff like sundance will probably still be fine.
  14. Similar to a talk given be Kurt Vonnegut once, this study corroborated Vonnegut's assertion that all stories ever told in all of history follow one of a very limited set of emotional arcs.