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  1. I don' think I have ever enjoyed a far cry so I can't get excited >.> Also, Mario + rabbids wtf?
  2. I use a method very similar to Cecil's, so I"ll just second his.
  3. Patriotism feels a little difficult right now. =P
  4. I wish I had been doing that instead. I hate my job. =P
  5. custom hedgehogs is not a thing I was aware that anyone wanted
  6. Yes. My body is that ready.
  7. I took off an entire week of work just so that I could do nothing but play BOTW for ten straight days and nothing else. My body is ready.
  8. Alan Wake is a phenomenal story game. I'm sorry to hear about the licensing fail, but I'm glad this has brought the game back into the news so that a bunch more people are picking it up. It's too bad we never got another game like it. ------------------------------- I'm reeeeally close to finishing Persona 5 now. All the way up to the final encounter but am holding off to do some more grinding. I really wanna fuse lucifer first because you HAVE to fuse lucifer. You just have to! In the end, my favorite end-game persona turned out to be Yoshitsune, which is really interesting because I always, always, always prefert magical personas and historically have disregarded physical types. But man... this Yoshitsune I built has got some amazing defensive stats and I've got him several stacked abilities that give him a nearly 50% chance of dealing a critical, so every turn I'm either getting an All Out attack or dealing almost 2,000 dmg which... I mean... yes, please. End game grinding seems easier than in past Persona games. These enemies are just bloated sacs of XP. All in all, it has been a fantastic Persona game. Does it have its problems? Yes. Are some of those problems extremely annoying? Yes. Does its story make any god damn sense? lol hell no. But man what a fun and addicting game. And kudos to the Persona team for showing that classic turn-based RPGs can still be fun and addicting in 2017 when everyone else is turning to action combat. BREATH OF THE WILD NEXT. I AM VERY EXCITE.
  9. I've never heard someone pronounce the L in salmon, but I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that some people do.