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  1. This comic is a representative of an entire strand of humor on the internet that I do not get >.>
  2. Her name is Luna, but I don't know her astrological sign since I'm not sure of her birthday. She actually belongs to one of my roomies, so I'd have to ask when her birthday is I'm glad she brought a cat when she moved in, though, since we haven't had a cat in the apartment in over a year before that. It's sad when there are no cats. This is our previous cat, Rocheforte. I loved him because never clawed or bit AT ALL. He was super nice and tame. And every time I sat on the couch, he would always hop up into my lap like a lap dog and just knead and knead for hours. And if I laid down on the couch, like in this pic, he would lay down near the top of my head and groom the both of us. He would actually lick my hair for me lololol Oh he was adorbs. I miss lil Ro Ro Somewhere I've got better pictures of him showing that he has odd eyes (!!!) but I can't find dem =(
  3. There is a cat somewhere in this house. Lemme see if I can find her for a picture without somehow getting myself clawed or bitten
  4. I haven't tried the steam version of CT, and while I think the Steam community is often a cesspit of vitriolic man-babies, I can understand that a person would want the "actual" classic instead of a version that had tweaks and improvements that were not necessarily wanted or welcome. (Very smart of DF to always include the classic art styles in their remasters, no?) It's funny now looking back at how excited I was to hear about I Am Setsuna at one point in the past. I tried it on Switch and found it extremely underwhelming. The comparisons with Chrono Trigger go about as far as "the battle system has team-up attacks". I've played Xenoblade Chronicles X from start to finish TWICE now. What a great game. It's too bad it was a WiiU exclusive and many people may not ever get to enjoy it. I tried Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on the Switch and, while reviews of it are generally positive, it just didn't come anywhere close to XBCX for me. I ultimately traded it back and just replayed XBCX again haha. I'll be trying Ni No Kuni 2 at some point in the future. I didn't really care for the first one, since I thought the battle system was pretty bland, but the second one looks a bit more "Tales-like", so ima give it a go.
  5. I was trying to listen in browser at work and it may have been an issue with my work setup. I'm home now, so I should be able to just download it.
  6. Thanks! *edit* Would be nice if they had posted the FULL transcript, though. Their site's player keeps crashing in my browser and restarting after about a minute and a half
  7. I admire and respect Anna greatly as both a Double Fine veteran and as a speaker on industry topics and issues. Can Boyd Cooper even LIVE if there is no Anna?! *gasp* Maybe she was the milkman all along... O_O You can't spell Anna Kipnis without at least three letters from "milkman"...!!! It feels a little sad, like when your big sister is old enough for college and moves out of the house and you're not sure how often you're gonna see her now, but it's also pretty cool to see her head out there to enrich the lives of others. I dunno where she's going yet, but I'm sure she'll be good at it. I'll keep tabs on the tweetzor!
  8. Both Psychonauts and BL are incredible and haters can fight me. *flex* I enjoyed Edith Finch a lot from a VISUAL ART and from a DIRECTION perspective. The game has incredible art and wonderfully directed sequences. All of its accolades are for "story" though, which I don't think is quite right. The story wasn't bad by any means, but it was also kind of unremarkable in a lot of ways. Including that much of the story was delivered in the tired old "audio log" or "scattered notebook pages" manner, and what is so remarkable about a game using the same bad practices as every other game? Where Edith Finch excels is the fantastic visual art and the fantastic direction of each sequence where you see one of the Finch's final moments right before their death. It is a very visually creative game and it is has very creative DELIVERY during those "death sequences". Maybe I am being persnickety and splitting hairs, but those aren't really the same thing as good story to me. For comparison, the Jumanji reboot just hit theatres and the reviews I've read indicate that the cast is hilarious and they really carry the movie because the story and the directing are terrible. I feel like a lot of times in games you don't see that kind of nuanced review on narrative where you can comment on the different aspects of it. Games at this point are just so chuffed as nuts to have anything that resembles a non-dumb non-puerile story that they would say, well, the cast was great so.... 10/10, INCREDIBLE STORY, GOTY. In other words: Edith Finch was pretty cool for a lot of reasons, and some of those reasons were very "story adjacent", but I'm not convinced that the actual on-paper story was the thing that was great about it. To me Edith Finch was like taking a very mediocre story and then giving it to Guillermo Del Toro. You're gonna get something amazing out of that, but the underlying story won't be the reason.
  9. OMG THOSE GAMES ARE SOOOOO GOOD AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH Like, they START pretty good, but especially once you get to episode 3 shit gets real The constantly-shifting art style is sorta weird but sorta cool...? I also prefer to play them with the VO turned off because the VO is not very good imo The writing is very good. I plowed through that whole series in a single weekend. Could not stop once I hit ep 3.
  10. It's not a question of whether people can "handle it" as much as it is a question of whether it is appropriate for this forum/community. Keep in mind that the DF community is (or tries to be as much as possible) a NICE place and a SAFE place. Certain depictions of graphic violence, depending on what they depict and how extreme they are, could potentially be either offensive or upsetting to people who have suffered through certain types of experiences. Please be careful and considerate To be absolutely safe, I might recommend putting it behind spoiler tags and including warnings about the content.
  11. Oh, I sold back FBW and Dying Light. I picked up Dead Island and Mario Odyssey. Dead Island is as good a time waster as ever, and as much as I have to say that Dying Light is a huge improvement and is much more impressive from a gameplay and technical standpoint.... I still kind of like Dead Island better....? It's just a lot more campy (whereas DL takes itself seriously) and for a zombie game I think I have a lot more appreciation for a gameplay style that is very slow, careful, and deliberate. DL focuses much more on running up walls like a ninja. DL also has a lot more arbitrary spawns whereas Dead Island is a lot better about just covering the island in zombies and letting those be the zombies. I dont' much care for DL's pulling zombies out of thin air because you said "yes" to an NPC even though those zombies weren't here five minutes ago. But anywho, that's not what's important. Mario Odyssey is important. It's the only thing that's important. Why are you reading this instead of playing Mario Odyssey? Stop it.
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