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  1. Oh man, that reminds me of this great demonstration of exactly what Tim's writing about—specificity as the soul of character and narrative. It's in this (extremely long, strange and glorious) review of the Phantom Menace, , in which people are asked to describe various Star Wars characters as a test for how alive/memorable they are.
  2. Just noticed this. Do you have an example of a documentary that follows the development of a creative work and isn't like this? I was trying to come up with one and came up blank. For documentaries about filmmaking that go beyond the PR-puff/mutual-appreciation stuff that normally gets made as DVD filler, take a look at Werner Herzog's My Best Fiend (about his dramatic working relationship w/ Klaus Kinski) and I suppose also Hearts of Darkness, about the troubled making of Apocalypse Now. (I'm using 'dramatic' and 'troubled' with considerable understatement.) Oh, and Lost in La Mancha, also worth seeing for the remnants it preserves of a film that never got made—Terry Gilliam's adaptation of Don Quixote starring Johnny Depp. It was intended to be a making of, but became an unmaking of, all the world's bad luck falling on the film until production was completely shut down. I haven't found the other episodes too 'PR-like' at all, it might just be that there isn't always conflict, that the underbelly isn't always that dark, and that's fine: seeing the process as it actually is—whether gliding along smoothly or hitting a patch of turbulence—has been really interesting, thank you everyone involved in putting it all together.
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