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  1. Ah, thanks for pointing that out. I missed that... (it's a lot to read) Perhaps Tim's next adventure will can be completely crowd sourced in a way that we each just work on a small portion of the game. that'd be amazing!
  2. 2 Player Productions posted Episode 17 on Kickstarter Update October 16th. In that video, the team discusses a play through issue where a player might play as the boy or the girl all the way through to the end, but in doing so, they might miss (or not “learn”) the solution to something needed by the other character. I’m not sure if Tim and team have solved this yet, so I thought I’d start a forum topic to discuss the community’s ideas for getting out of this. My idea… This reminds me of good old Maniac Mansion’s basement jail cell, where a character would go if they got ‘caught’. There was a non-trivial way to get back to the rest of the game if 2 of the 3 characters were there. So in DFA, perhaps if character A gets all the way to this limbo state, without the player learning something, then it’d be possible for character B to go to either that same limbo state area to release character A, or get to an equivalent limbo area (with some story element linking limbo areas) to release character A, so that the player can learn what they need.
  3. oops, should be for backer forum only. Admin, please delete me if you can.
  4. Because the scope of this game spans generations, and players become emotionally attached to blood lines, I'd like to suggest a new screen, or perhaps an augmentation to the timeline screen. I'd really like to see two things to describe the past leading up to the present: 1) a family tree type view that easily shows who is related to who, and how they're related. It would also be good to show deaths on this screen possibly with links to the battles where characters died. One other possibility here would be to have an icon for each of the genetic traits. The current screen that shows all of the characters is good for looking at characters, etc, but not so good for showing their relationships. 2) I think one thing that would make this game really cool, would be a giant tome that generates a story for each of the tactical battles. This should be pretty doable given all of the information available during the turn based tactical battle. This would allow players to read the story of a battle after they've come back against difficult odds, or perhaps after the loss of a beloved blood line. I wouldn't want the story to just be a log of the battle though, it would need some AI to determine when a dramatic event happens, and focus on that, and the elements of the battle leading up to that. No problem right?
  5. Yes, I do get the kickstarter update email, and I did get #23 emailed to me. Unfortunately, I've been mostly ignoring those now, since there appears to be some spoilery stuff in them.
  6. Please give some thought about what triggers "The End" or the win conditions. Is it just surviving for X years? is it killing every last demon? I'd hope that the demon army also has the concept of villainous demon bloodlines, and that there could be rivals between the various bloodlines. I suggest that the first few century's is just defending and surviving, then the heroes begin to push back the demons through the portal(s), and finally the heroes get strong enough to adventure into the demon kingdom to defeat them on their home turf, and close the portal(s) forever.
  7. Please make it easy to "import from social media", so that it's easy to import friends, their profile pics, and perhaps their relationships into Massive Chalice. Perhaps a confirmation screen, so that we can weed out some social media contact from our game, or upload better pics for them, etc. Also, if our Heros have a profile picture, please let us choose from social media photos, cloud storage as well as our hard drives. Boom! Awesome idea... for free.
  8. I think Mod support should all be "protected" in that end customers who want to run 3rd party Mods don't have to run general executable, and can have some assurance that the mod isn't going to format their hard drive or something lame. I like Mod support that uses embed able languages, such as lua so that the game developers only export the functionality to the mod community that they choose. UI modding is pretty easy to do via this method. Things like story modding, or tactical rules modding, or AI modding, is all doable this way as well, but perhaps slightly less obvious.
  9. I have not (yet) read "God Emperor of Dune", but was attracted by the subject line. I was thinking about the Bene Gesserit (from Dune), and how it might be neat if Massive Chalice had ongoing "prophecies" around breeding that might function much like achievements do in other games. For example: It has been fortold that if the son of a son of a son of the Bloodline FOO were to mate with the daughter of a daughter of a daughter who was born (during a full moon, in the middle of battle, to a deamon, you pick), then super cool stuff would happen.
  10. Dude! I'm a member of these forums, kickstarted Reds... (er uh... whatever it's called now), and now that I wake up and crawl out from under my rock, I see that an entire kickstarter project Massive Chalice has come and gone, and I'm now required to slacker backer it? What the heck! Send me an email! well, next time. I've now slacker backed it.... but feel like a ______er.
  11. Well, drat. I left the game running and I went to run some errands. when I got back about 3 hours later, it was in that bad state again. I checked my event logs in windows 7, and nothing even looks suspect. Is there a verbose or debug nvidia driver that I could turn on or run?
  12. So I downloaded nvidia's new "geforce experience", which informed me that my drivers were version 311, and the newest was 314.22. So I upgraded to 314.22 and I haven't yet seen the issue again. I need to play more to really convince myself that it's gone, but so far so good. I didn't read anything specific to Geforce 9600 in the 314.22 Driver release note that suggests that something was fixed in the driver, but time will tell.
  13. I'm running into some issue that only seems to happen when I play the Cave for 20-30 minutes. Other intensive 3D games don't have this issue. On my windows 7 64bit machine with Nvidia GeForce 9600 GT, I am playing the game in Full Screen mode and then get to a point where my monitor reports no-input signal. The weird thing is that I have duel screens and the 2nd screen also reports no-input at the same time. As if the video card has crashed or something. I continue to hear sound effects from The Cave after this point, but cntl-alt-del does NOT reboot my machine. I need to hold in the power button. I thought it might be various power-settings, so I've turned off all of the various power settings I could find, for my CPU, for my Video card, for my hard drive, for the OS. None of them seem to help. I tried unplugging video cables and replugging them in for my monitor to "autodetect" the new cable, but nothing. It really seems like the video card is not outputing any signal. I checked my thermal sensors and everything seems to be in the green, and nothing feels very hot. I tried setting up the screen.dat like mentioned in the FAQ, but that did not help either. This is especially frustrating since after my cold-boot I find that The Cave hasn't saved my progress in quite a while, and there is no "Save and continue" option in TheCave.
  14. Thank you so much! I'm too old to time my jumps. Ron's the best!
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