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  1. so in the beginning of the 3rd act, tim states in his commentary that he has seen a lot of Manny tattoo's but never any Glottis tattoos and wondered why. well, hopefully he'll see this. i have glottis tattoo on my right shin. i had this done about 6 years ago. i'm sure i showed him a few years ago at pax east in person.
  2. T-Shirt poll!

    i will buy all 3!
  3. Successful or No?

    I'm confident this game is going to sell well. they are #8 for Mac sales and #3 for linux. i know that PC users far outweigh the number of Mac and Linux users. but being in the top ten or slightly below it in any service that provides sales to over 5 millions people is a great thing. they have a long road ahead with many opportunities to gain revenue. Humble bundle, App store, GOG, steam sale. I have bought two gift copies for friends, and when it comes out for mobile platform i'm going to be purchasing it again.
  4. Who's going to PAX East? I'm going to be there for all 3 days. I'll be wearing my adventure backer shirt, as well as my double fine hoody and 2HB T-shirt. anyone know who's going to be at the double fine booth and whats going to be displayed. i have my psychonauts signed lithograph that i would love to have signed by anyone who worked on the game.
  5. does anyone remember teen agent? i downloaded it over 12 years ago when i was on my freeware-shareware kick. Teen Agent is an adventure game in which a teenager is picked to solve the mystery of the disappearing gold. Captured by two men in dark glasses and long coats, you are sent to a training camp for secret agents. the game was released as a commercial game in Poland, with full Polish voice acting for the CD-ROM version. The English version was released as freeware shortly after