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  1. I'd love to see a mix between E and P. E has this confindent princess style look while P really does look independent and brave. So I think those 2 would be a real good combination. Oh yeah almost forgot... I really like the stance and costume of E and the head on P. Also I think she should be a little smaller perhaps? EDIT: When I think about it a bit more: Give P the eyes of Q and you have a winner
  2. I really like the direction where this is headed. The animation looks really great and fits the character and art style perfectly. On a side note: If the lumberjack stays in the game (and I guess many would be disappointed if he wouldn't appear anywhere) he should really be featured somewhere on the box art
  3. Sounds like a Double Fine road movie! Bring it on
  4. Hey folks! First time posting here. My DFA package finished it's long way towards Germany this morning (For anyone interested, I got my shipping mail on july 10th) The shirt fits nicely and I'm really impressed by the poster! The quality of the paper and the print is really beautiful. I wouldn't have thought to get such a cool poster So thanks you guys at DF and Fangamer, you're really doing a fantastic job! And here's a pic of the pin I got which seems to be the same as #1
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