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  1. Agreed. I love the documentary, but how much edited footage do they have now -- 12 hours? Something like that maybe? Would be so hard to edit it down further for a feature-length film like Indie Game Movie (imagine all the cool stuff they're going to have to cut), but they really should. I'd buy it, despite already watching every episode that's posted.
  2. Be wary of us 70's/80's kids who claim we were programming in assembly before we were out of short trousers... Lots of us did, technically, but it was pretty basic stuff, mostly copying code listings out of magazines and stuff like that. /Technically/, I can say I programmed our C64 in assembly as a kid, but in reality, it wasn't anything special. It did sow the seed though, and I did grow up to be a Real Programmerâ„¢ eventually As for the sombre atmosphere in this video that some people have mentioned, I really felt it too. It reminded me of that one episode halfway through Act 1 where everybody got down about money and time and stuff (probably the episode around where they announced it'd be two parts). I guess the post-ship slump was a bit inevitable (massive push, only to be starting from the beginning again and with some of the team going off to do other stuff would be quite mentally tough for anybody), though AF probably helped in that regard. Hopefully they're feeling way more positive now that things are moving along nicely, and a ship-date in December would be really, really cool. Wonder if that's at all feasible? Can't wait for the next 2PP episode Also can't wait to re-buy Grim Fandango when that ships! So much better than running it on Win95 in VMWare! Bring it on! That's one game I never actually finished and really regret (I grew up and had kids at exactly the time it came out, and I abandoned in the casino area. I also abandoned Monkey Island 4, but I don't regret that. WindWaker too, collecting those stupid shards in the sea). The music from Grm in particular will be with me until I die -- the festival music outside, the bonewagon track, the music in the hallway. All of it, permanently burned in to my musical brain -- those songs pop in to my head at the most random times. You should release the sound track on bandcamp if you can!
  3. That's the documentary soundtrack, which is definitely a fine piece of work, but worth also mentioning that the very awesome game sound-track is here: https://doublefine.bandcamp.com/album/broken-age-original-soundtrack. And it's only $8. Wish they could sell the Grim Fandango soundtrack on there... Wonder what happened to the rights to those old games. Do Disney now own them? Also, did Ron ever post anything about getting the rights to MI........?
  4. Bob Chothra! You've got to make it happen Very interesting episode. Only half way through but great to see you all again. It's a shame the embargo stuff affected you. I guess there was a lot of excitement and anticipation around that backer-release date, and that effectively felt like the actual release date to most people who wanted to play it. Hopefully it didn't affect your sales too badly having the hype happen two weeks too early. And the negative people are just talking nonsense -- hopefully you know that anybody with any sense loved the game
  5. I thought about Loom too, while I was playing this. Loom was a classic. To me, it feels like it is somewhere between Loom and the original Monkey Island, in terms of difficulty, but without the trickier puzzles of MI (well, I was only about 11 when MI came out, and some of it seemed outrageously hard at the time). I really like it, I think they've created a really good adventure game, even if it isn't quite the same as the games we used to play in the 90s. It would be nice to have more locations, more items and more puzzles, but the old adventure games never had stories like this (well, except maybe Grim Fadango, but that only took a long time to complete the puzzles because of walking everywhere...). It took me (and most other people) about 5 hours to play through Act I, and if Act II is similar in size, that's a decent size game, all in all. And to have such great story telling! I think this game has slightly elevated the craft of game making in some way. The story is amazing - I can't think of many other games that I've played with such a great story line (though if only Ron Gilbert had been able to complete Monkey Island...)
  6. I too loved the music part! Would be happy to buy an 'early access sound track', should one be made available
  7. The girl character is great! Her eyes are amazing. And the way her mum is looking at her in the party shot. It's looking really good Surprised we don't see far more big, expressive eyes in computer games -- worked so well in Windwaker, all those years ago, and it's pretty standard fayre for Disney's finest animations. Gives it real life. Can't wait to see how it develops in the next full episode
  8. What are the square headphones that Bagel is wearing while he works (around the 23 minute mark)? I think Tim might have been wearing the same sort of thing too earlier on in the episode, but I can't find it again now. Really great update again. The cut scenes look amazing!
  9. Awesome video, as always I don't know why, but these game-dev videos always make me want to go learn how I can add some Lua to my own apps. I should make it a challenge for this weekend to get Lua embedded in one of my apps. Actually, I think I do know why - these videos really make me feel like I want to produce a a little indie game of my own, but that seems too ridiculous when I say it out loud, so I need to think of it in baby steps
  10. Chimp Reaper. Man, that would have been such an awesome game. I mean, Grim Fandango was good n'all, but come on... Chimp Reaper.
  11. Jordan Mechner's The Last Express is due on iPad later this year. That should be worth looking out for.
  12. Eh, I'm not surprised to see so many people saying they'd like it to be futuristic/sci-fi/steam-punk etc, but not me. I'd quite like to see it set in woodland, and for the protagonist to be a squirrel or a badger.
  13. You should get Monkey Island 2 as well if you can -- it has directors' commentary scattered throughout the game which is just great. It's worth playing through just for that alone. The thing is though, it's still such an incredible game that you'll actually forget about Ron and Co, sat there in a little icon at the top, and you'll end up having to play it AGAIN, being extra careful to remember to listen to it all! I think the directors commentary applies to all remade versions (PC etc), not just iPad, but I've only played it on iPad. I wish they'd hurry up and release Curse of Monkey Island for iPad. I'd love to play that again, even if just to hear the sound of those ferrel chickens. They might as well re-release Monkey Island 4 too, because I never had chance to finish that (had a kid around the same time
  14. Heh, could well be. Thanks for the correction. Ah, man, the Foxconn thing is hard to digest, but you must understand -- nearly everything you buy is made in the exact same way. Everything... ... and that includes your Nintendo. Sorry. Here's a link to a story on Kotaku: Nintendo investigating factory suicides Remember the Foxconn mass-suicide-pact story from earlier this year? Those workers made Xboxes. I can't seem to find any real information on Nintendo's manufacturing setup right now, but I bet it's nearly all made in China these days. It's just the way the world has gone. I think this is their revolution, like we had the industrial revolution in the west (which led to similar social issues in our factories). I don't really know, I'm not qualified to talk about any of this, this is just my take on it. I'm pretty sure Apple's stuff is made in the exact same conditions as every single modern consumer product in your typical home. As for Beneath a Steel Sky, I think I paid $2 or something for it on the app store. I didn't mind because it looked like it was the original developers that had published it (and I played a friend's copy back in the day, so I figured I owed it to them). They posted the source code, so I could have downloaded that and installed it for free (I'm a developer), but like I say, I didn't mind. Same thing with Goat Up and Gridrunner (both great 80's style arcade games for iOS, incidentally).
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